Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Party Animal

I celebrated the eve of my birthday with my sisters and my closest friends! This is actually the first time we threw a party with a theme and you know it, everybody's required to wear something with animal prints. Men are not excused.

Photos from my friend, JC, who fortunately took up photography classes hence good quality pics!

The birthday girl aka me enjoying the drink Janbie prepared! My visitors called the drinks we served "Unknown Mixed Drinks" because we honestly couldn't tell them what they were drinking! Paolo unfortunately left the grenadine so there were no cocktails but we had vodkas and beers.

With JC who used my zebra-printed scarf because he got so scared when I seriously told him he can't eat and drink without it! Good boy! Next time, obey the rules!!!

Paolo's cousin, Janbie, helped us with the drinks!!! The party went on smoothly with his skills! Thanks, Bie!

My birthday (cup)cakes! It was my idea and Paolo brought it to life. Aww. <3 Frosting in two flavors: chocolate and vanilla. Wilton and Betty Crocker, thank you too!

Photo courtesy of JC's girlfriend Mau! The shoe I wore is a gift from my Monthly Period friends! Yay to them knowing my shoe size!

You know I love stolen shots. I looked so angas there!

More candid pictures taken while convincing my friends Rachel and Toto to kiss. Hahaha!!!

Possible caption for this photo (because I'm torn between 2 funny descriptions):
1 - With the latest member of Girlfriends, Toto. (OR)
2 - With Rachel's boyfriend, Toto.

Next are the pictures from Kim and Mon's camera:

Back view. Aww I like this one! It's minutes before the girls left.

Redundancy. Haha, I don't care! I wore the shoes right away after opening the box! I love surprises!

Watching Rachel harassing Toto... Wait, Toto harassing Rachel. Oh, I'm confused! Hahaha!

My forever beautiful Girlfriends. The Leopard, The Peacock, The Cheetah and The Snake.

I'm so happy that everyone clicked with each other! And that all the girls followed the mini-protocol. :)

HS and college friends, left to right: Me, Jovy, Toto, Rachel, Kim, Mau, Mia, Mutya, Aiza, Jessica, Irene and Une! YOU REALLY MADE MY NIGHT TO SPECIAL!!!

Official photos (those from Paolo's camera) will be posted in a separate entry and will be uploaded on Facebook very soon. Super thanks to those who attended the party and I hope you really had a good time because I really did. Thanks for letting me start my 23rd year with a big smile and grateful heart!

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  1. Love your hot outfit, birthday girl! :)