Monday, June 27, 2011

23 Things

I listed down 23 things that I'm thankful for. Things that I achieved, I received, I had. This includes people who stayed, went back and just came. So as early as now, let me say thanks. Thank you. Thank you for making my 22nd year an unkabogable one! 

A slice of Toblerone cake from Coffee Bean. To quote my original caption, "If you know me so well, you'll know that I only wish for one thing before I turn a year older--a slice of cake." Yes, cakes and cupcakes make me happy.

In order:

1. My first trip to Baguio. Seriously. Paolo brought me to the Philippines' Summer Capital City for the first time. And it was epic. That's our first ever trip alone, meaning we're all by ourselves, just us two. ♥

2. Forever 21. Forever 21 opened its Philippine store on the 3rd quarter of 2010 in SM Megamall. I love Forever 21 because it houses a wide array of fashionable finds without hurting our pockets!

3. Reunion with Anne. Anne is my childhood best friend. We're classmates since Kinder 2 to Grade 4 until her family moved to Pampanga. Thank heavens for Friendster and Facebook, we found each other online and our friendship continued. We had a dinner last September and celebrated our 17 years of friendship.

4. Boracay. Boracay, Boracay, I keep coming back to Boracay. I made a vow a couple of years ago that I'll go to Boracay every October. Every year, my trip keeps on getting better!

5. iPhone 4. My first investment as an employee. This is the best thing I ever bought for myself. And I still can't believe that I have the world's most popular smartphone.

6. Longchamp Le Pliage--White. That's my first photo using my 1st Longchamp investment. I'm glad I got so many feedback from that bag, and close friends are asking me details about Longchamp now. They always ask for my opinion whenever they plan to buy one!

7. Longchamp Le Pliage--Bamboo. I got this. FOR FREE. Yes, I'm the happiest girl in the world on December 13 when our Head of Creative Services, Ms. Ana Perez, handed me over a white dust bag. I opened it and caught myself in awe when I saw a bag inside. A bag in bright colors and it looked so familiar! Ms. Ana said it's for me and she greeted me a Merry Christmas. I almost cried and hugged her with gratefulness! :-)

8. My 5th tattoo. An aqua blue tat on my right wrist, my family name inked on it. Forever, I am a Marcial. I got this last December, a few days before Christmas. I call this my perfect year ender. I love my surname!!!

9. My job. Oh goodness, I love my job!!! I have such a fantastic workplace and I'm surrounded by happy people from the happy network. I am a proud Kapatid. I'm super proud that my bosses are geniuses, they are famous but they still keep their feet on the ground. Indeed, they're the perfect people to look up to!

10. Our 7th anniversary. We're definitely stronger than ever now! Paolo and I celebrated our 7th year in Guimaras last February. We both fell in love not only with each other but also with the beauty and grandeur of Guimaras Island.

11. New friends from Guimaras. Filipino hospitality at its best! Paolo and I met a group of barkada during our 2nd night stay in the island. We had a sort of bonfire under the moon, enjoying tequila with other newly-found friends from the US and UK. We exchanged Facebook accounts and took pictures together the next day.

12. Magnanakaw from Baguio. Curious why I'm thankful despite the fact that he stole my bags? It's because we're kept safe by our prayers. He would have hurt one of us, or even shot me when I saw him red-handed, but he just ran away. Plus, it's just the material things he took away.

13. Rekindled friendship with Rachel. We had a serious fight last 2010 and haven't talked to each other for a year. I woke up one morning and realized that it was the perfect time to make peace with her. It came naturally. :)

14. The other girls. Friendship isn't all about daily catch ups and regular meet ups, sometimes, seeing your friends once in a blue moon makes the blue moon special. No, I didn't have a fight with Lizzie, Ana and Trish. We're just too busy with our own lives (and lovelife-s) that we rarely see each other now. THANK GOD FOR TWITTER. P.S.: Stephie, we missed you here.

15. Justin Bieber in Manila. Imagine watching the world's most famous pop teen sensation live, without paying even a centavo. I, with the rest of the young girls of Manila, went to the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds to witness Justin Bieber perform. And I screamed with them as well.

16. SoFA Capsule. AT. LAST. I've been wishing to enroll even for a single workshop at SoFA since I don't know when. The moment I heard about their Celebrity Fashion Styling capsule with Alyanna Martinez, I wanted to enroll but I missed the first one! Good thing they had a second run of her capsule so finally, yay!

17. My fashion finds: Aika, Jeanne and Noelle. They say the accessory you can wear is your smile. Yes, but you know what's the best fashion find you can ever have? Fashionable friends! I love these girls to death. Aika is my soul sister while Jeanne and Noelle are my SoFA capsule classmates. And by the way, they are also the perfect epitome of beauty and brains!

18. Tropang Logbi. They're the people I can count on any time of the time (parang may shifting talaga kami). They are one of the few that I turned to during my suicidal moments (NO I DID NOT COMMIT SUICIDE HAAAA) and during my "high" moments (AND ANOTHER NO! I DO NOT TAKE DRUGS)!!! :p

19. My girls. Of course you know who my forever girls are! Our friendship has recently blossomed to the next level since Phoebe got pregnant and gave birth to her beautiful mini-me, Khara. More surprises to come, I'm expecting that. No one can ever take them away from me. No one.

20. Monthly Period. The best treasure I found in Araneta. It seems like I'm spending my whole life with them. They saw me at my worst (short hair with wild, full bangs, crooked teeth and virgin brows) and they now watch my way to my best. But wait, I guess I'm already at my best now because I have them!

21. My cousins. They say you'll meet your friends outside.. well, I meet mine at home! I can't imagine my life without them. Funny how we rarely see each other despite the fact that we live in the same compound but what's amazing is that we have sessions together, it's like we do not miss even a single day apart from each other. No catch-ups and how are you's needed!

22. FAMILY. No need to explain, right? But then again, let me brag that I have the best parents and sisters to claim! Mom and Dad raised us so well and my sisters and we owe them every thing. Love your family and you'll live a good life!

23. The boyfriend. I was 14 when I answered "Ok, sige..." to Paolo's question "Pwede bang maging tayo na?". Don't judge. I entered a relationship at a very young age but look at us now, achieve!!! Since 2004, he adds meaning to my life every single day. #pak #cheesy

Thank you for all the birthday greetings sent via SMS, tweets, wall posts and private/direct messages!

Cheers to life!!!

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  1. Your are so blessed! and still more blessing to come! :)