Thursday, June 23, 2011

Peter Pan and Rings

Topshop's got it. I had my first piece of a Peter Pan-collared top and I liked how it appears to be so vintage. It's like a hand-me-down from my elementary teacher but it looked beautifully on Topshop mannequins so I gave it a try.

Again, I used my phone's camera hence the grainy look. Since I don't feel like wearing a necklace over my closed neck top, I tried to wear rings instead. I also attended our regular Tuesday meeting that day so I kept everything minimal. 

Sometimes, it's the details that count. The buttons of my top had gold accents and the topmost one leads the way up to the pretty face. Hehe, just kidding! 

Flop. The ring on my middle finger is a flop. Too bad, I would have made it appear a la Laureen Uy pose sans accessories overload. I wish I'm as confident as her when it comes to wearing accessories.

These rings, a snake and an oval black stone, are from my Mom. I really adore her taste when it comes to accessories. She knows best! And by the way, the third one is my 7-year old identification ring from Paolo.

Lastly, a semi-creative shot by Paolo. The peg: untying my hair. I thought of showing my ballerina tattoo in white ink as well. Booboo, you can't see it since we only used a 5-MP camera. Next time, I'll blog about my tattoos! 


  1. I love your top! Peter Pan collars are my obsession, too. And statement rings. :)

    Mars of fashion insouciance

  2. Thank you, Mars. :) Yes, statement rings really add ooomph to any outfit! :)

  3. I love your top! It's an endless classic :)