Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Signature Pose, Exposed

I had a fix of my signature pose last week when I flaunted off my rosy dress. You will never see me wearing shirt at work (except for my Hello Kitty shirt, hehe) because I don't feel such a girly.

Remember this photo taken by Blue Castro a couple of years ago? I looked so royal in there that until now, I still use this photo. My wavy hair, red lips and little black dress define my personality.

A few months after, Blue and I had another set and we didn't finish the whole session without him taking a photo of me in my signature pose. This looked fresh, kudos to the wind effect!

And lastly, for our Cream Pop set, Blue made me pose again in a hippie vibe! Oh well, I just realized that I loved braids since I don't know when!

Aging, ahoo! I have bigger and rounder face years after! Hahaha! That's because of my hair style (yes, defensive!). I really had to post this pic to prove to show my face. I have a better version of my signature pose:

It looks so emo, though. Hehe. Forgive me that the quality is not a pro as well since we used my iPhone's camera. I'm gonna take time to practice my signature pose so it won't look like a real cheapo! :D

Here's a closer look! Oh how I wish I can fasten my hair's growth! I badly need a perm now. I want to look so girlier than ever! And rainy season can not stop me from wearing floral dresses for I've only just begun! ♥

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