Sunday, June 19, 2011

Work & Play

These are photos of me taken at the office during our break time, of course. I love my job that it inspires me to dress up every single day. And I love my job that I'm just a few steps away from the boardroom (plus I have full access on it) where I can take cozy photos of me.

So this was taken one rainy afternoon, while my workmates and I were waiting for the shuttle service to arrive. It was raining cats and dogs, we couldn't go outside so we decided to take pictures at the boardroom.  

Here's my take on full brows as well. Others may find it odd but I really like how it transforms my features in a new dimension. Wait, did I just say dimension? HAHAHAHA. Oh seriously, I love using my eyebrow pencil in black and brown from Sephora.

Floral top: thrifted | black jeans: Mango | black belt: Landmark Department Store |
Purple flats with bow details: Solemate by SM Department Store

That's me in different moods. Special thanks to Ate Virge who never says no every time I ask her to take my photos! She really knows my girly side!

I superlove this! The braid looked fine despite the fact that I only used a regular rubber band to tie it. I'm loving braids now! I wish I can pull my hair so it would grow faster. I'm too giddy to try the different styles of hair braids!

A little post-processing gave the look a more classic and fiercer vibe! Notice how the presence and the absence of color change everything.

Ladies and gents, allow me to show you my "natural" smile! Heee. One of my few desires in life is to become a commercial model of a shampoo, hence the pose!

Two more versions shouldn't be that bad! I'm convinced that I should braid my hair more often. Agree?

Until my next work and play moment,

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