Friday, June 17, 2011

Fashion + Travel + History = Jose Rizal

No, my world does not revolve around fashion, it goes around history as well. I am a self-proclaimed history lover, as you can catch me watching clips about Adolf Hitler, Marilyn Monroe, Ninoy Aquino and Jose Rizal. I stay for hours in front of the television watching The National Geographic Channel when the show's about the second world war, Titanic and the Pre-Hispanic era.

Now that the Philippines is celebrating a week of nationalism (Independence Day-June 12 and Jose Rizal's 150th birthday-June 19), I just want to pay tribute to the great minds of people who merged their passion for history and fashion into fantastic merchandises, particularly Jose Rizal products, in celebration of his birthday. 

And aside from all these RTWs, there are parks and monuments named after him abroad. He's a great doctor, writer, sculptor, artist, teacher and above all, a great Filipino hero. 






You make us a proud Filipino, Dr. Jose Rizal!

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