Friday, June 10, 2011

Flashback: June 2010

I've been thinking of something to blog about but due to becoming a sleepyhead these past few days, I have no gimmicks or anything! I'm quite busy preparing a birthday party (for myself) haha which excites me because after 5 years of not throwing a bash, my 23rd will be amazing! Not that my past birthdays aren't good, it's just that after turning 18 years old half a decade ago, I feel like a little "thanksgiving" with my closest friends will be OK.

If we're Facebook friends, you'll know that I upload photos on a "monthly basis". I name my albums January 2011, February 2011, so on and so forth. I only create a certain album name for special events like weddings, travels and the like just to keep the minimality. #arte

I took a trip down memory lane and can't believe that these photos were taken a year ago. Shorter hair, whiter skin, slimmer... and bigger money in my bank!

Italianni's with Eysi and Yxie, north girls represent! I love it when they come to Manila! Especially when they come here only to see their friends! Such a sweet gesture! I promise to go to Nueva Ecija/Pampanga as well for only a day and spend an afternoon with them... to be as sweet as them! (Italianni's, TriNoma, 915-3582)

This is what Bigoli looked like before they transformed the whole area for Bigoli alone--there was Cafe Izzo that served yummy cakes and fraps. I don't think they still serve these sweets, although there's a small counter beside Bigoli's with gelato ice creams all over. I'll check. (Bigoli, TriNoma, 901-5742)

Sumo Sam first timers! Paolo and I loved Sumo Sam's miso soup and sushi platter but it's more expensive than Omakase... so this was actually the first and the last. Maybe we'll just eat here again if we are with our parents to pay the bills for us! Heeee! (Sumo Sam, TriNoma, 901-3262)

Chaikofi was my barkada's favorite way back in college because of its affordable food and drinks! Whenever we go out on a tight budget, I always think about it first if asked where to eat. That time I brought my high school friends at Chaikofi for them to try its frappuccino! Good to know that they liked it, but it's no longer cheap as we expected! (Chaikofi, The Block, 494-5938)

I had a trip at Willy Wonka's! I craved for gummy bears and glow worms and jelly beans after our Chaikofi coffee date special and Toto and Jessica supported my sweet tooth craving! And the photos above made me wonder... where is that necklace of mine now? I should pay my accessories box an attention this weekend! (Candy Corner, Sky Garden)

If there's Red Mango, then there's Green Mango! Yes, this store sells frozen yogurts as well but unlike Red Mango, they have soya milks sold in bottles! Toto, Jessica and Mia tried the froyos. I didn't because I already indulged in candies too much that all I need was a glass of water! (Green Mango, Sky Garden)

Welcome to Japan, not!

Welcome to Corregidor Island, yes!

Yes, it's been a year since we went to this very historical place! Corregidor Island is really rich in history and once you completed the educational tour (Malinta Tunnel, hospitals, barracks visits), I'm 100% sure that you'll be thankful for what our great grandparents and grand parents did during the World War II. And that you'll be very proud that you're a Filipino. I swear! You should get here at least once in your life, my fellow Pinoys. (Sun Cruises offers Corregidor Island tour packages. Call them at 831-8140 or 527-5555. Follow them also on Twitter or visit their website for more information.)

Thanks for taking a trip with me,

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