Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Ultimate All-Star Weekend

The only sport I am familiar with is basketball. Blame it to the UAAP, that's the only time I feel active. And by the word active I mean an "active audience".

When I heard the news that Kobe Bryant is coming back to Manila, I was like, "Wow that's great!" That's it, nothing else! But when I heard the news that I was included in the list of those who can see Kobe and the rest of the guys, I jumped for joy! 

I grabbed the opportunity to see these basketball superstars. After all, it's the first in the Philippine sport history. NBA superstars vs PBA All-Stars and Smart Gilas Pilipinas Team? WHY NOT?!

Our biggest boss MVP made this all possible!

Love this photo? I ultimately love this photo NOT because of my lipstick, not even because of my polka dot shorts but because of my pass that brought me closer to Kobe Bryant.

HOW CLOSE? There's only one person between us! He's so near yet so far! And although there was a very strict security at the back of house, I didn't care! I wanted to see him upclose! Ergo...

I went closer and closer until I reached him! Cameras were not allowed so I'm very thankful my iPhone does take good pictures. I called him several times and he smiled at me. He's aware I'm taking photos but it seems like he's a fan of "wacky" shots! Oh, Kobe!!! ♥

Spotted! I was not the only one who acted like a die hard fan of the NBA superstars! My fellow FEU Tamaraw Arwind Santos held a grip on his iPhone too, taking photos of his idols! 

While I was busy screaming Kobe's and Derrick's names, I found out that the boyfriend used my camera to take pictures with the cheerleaders and the beauty queens! So cute!!! :D

When the game started, we looked for a place where we could watch the game nicely. First stop: Upper box.

The view from the Upper Box is enough but I wanted to watch them closer so we went down the ring side after the first half!

A better view! Luckily, that's also the time when they switched sides so yea, I saw them playing in flesh just feet away!

I'm so kilig I made it to the front row! Haha! Definitely, definitely, definitely one for the books!

More photos in action: Javale McGee (too bad I wasn't able to take photos when he planked!), Derrick Rose (insert: ♥♥♥) and James Harden (my newest favorite)! Please take note that I am not a professional photographer so please bear with the kinds of shots you see. Hehe. And it was also hard to take photos, clap, scream and cheer at the same time!



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