Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another Ultimate All-Star Weekend Post

Another set of photos from the NBA-PBA exhibition game last weekend before I finally move on. But I'm still dreaming of them coming back here in the Philippines because they brought so much fun! So once again I'd like to thank Smart and the MVP Sports Foundation for making such event possible. :)

You rock, boss MVP!

 Less than a half of those who watched the first game live.
Look at the people taking pictures in front of the players.

Paolo and I looked shy here because the people above us were looking at us.

The slingshot part where they gave away shirts from Smart and Metro Pacific.

Finally I found a place at the Patron area!

Here's a continuous shot of Kobe Bryant in action, edited in his infamous yellow and purple color.

My three topmost favorite "flying" photos:

Sometimes I wish I'm a great photographer or at least know the ABC's of photography. But never mind, I just used a regular digital camera so don't judge me! Haha. And besides, DSLRs were forbidden there! Gladly, I listened to Paolo that time!

Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Tyreke Evans, James Harden, Deandre Jordan, Derrick Williams, Javale McGee and Derrick Rose, THANK YOU. Thank you for the awesome game. I will never, ever, ever, ever forget this night!

 After the game, we stayed at The Coffee Bean for a while to rest our tired feet and our worn-out lungs! Haha!

White button-down shirt from Royal Kouture | Black and white polka-dot shorts from Topshop | 
Black Planetes bag from Longchamp | Gray flats from Solemate for SM Department Store


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