Friday, July 29, 2011

Black and Pop

Sick and tired of seeing photos in its usual state? I know it's no longer new to see edited photos, thank heavens for the great beautifier, Adobe Photoshop, and other no-fuss, user-friendly online photo editing websites like Lunapic and Picnik.

I realized it's still fun to change your photos in different colors, set its tone, adjust its brightness and sharpness. And since I got so maaaaany portraits in my recent photo archive, I changed them in dual tones--one black + any color.

See how modifying the colors transform the photos' moods. To add, some people believe that colors have meaning, and can even exude power.


Notice how black blends well with ANY color. I love it! To incorporate it with my style, I wear black from head to toe most of the time, and if not, I wear all the colors you can ever name in one outfit but still, one item (bag or shoes) is black. So far, my favorite duo-tone is pink and black. Girly and fierce at the same time!

Now you're sick and tired of my portraits. Hehe!

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