Monday, August 01, 2011

Bye, July!

The month of July just passed by and so far, this is the fastest-est-est month of  my 2011. I usually hate the rainy months but everything changes, so now I'm loving the raindrop season. Would you believe we had 6 typhoons in 1 month? Whew!

I started and ended the first month of the year's second half (ANALYZE THAT!) by doing the top two things I love: traveling and styling. I went to Baguio with Paolo's family last July 1 and this weekend, I had two collaborations wherein I styled tweens, teens and young professionals. I'm proud to say that I enjoyed every single moment of it, even if I had to kneel down to put shoes on my models.

It was an early call time last Saturday for Royal Kouture. I organized everything--photographer, location, makeup artists and models with the help of my friends! All clothes are, of course, provided by the great Royal Kouture owner, Kim. To make styling better, I brought my own shoes and accessories plus clips, pins and tapes.

I'm sorry that I can't contain my excitement to show you how the shoot went well. I don't even want to spoil the collection. The best thing I can do for now is to give you a teaser in black and white (I CANNOT SHUT UP, HAHAHA!) using my phone's camera. Here:

I believe I Twitpic-ed the first photo last Saturday, sorry talaga hehe. Again, I cannot contain my happiness, seeing my sense of style to beautiful girls, aaahhh! Peace. :)

I love being resourceful and creative at the same time. Once I get the final photos, you'll understand what I'm talking about. I'll also credit the location as soon as I post the official entry for my collaboration with Royal Kouture. I'll credit everyone and everything!

THIS!!! THIS!!! This set is one of my most favorite! Sheer, so sexy! I really can't wait to post this in colors!!!

After almost four hours of the photoshoot, we went straight to Paolo's nephew's birthday party in Vito Cruz. Haggardo Versoza much! We had our first ever decent meal of the day at the party's venue, Kenny Rogers. The party's theme was military, kids are required to wear something with an army touch. Sadly, I didn't know there was a theme, I went there in a nautical-inspired attire!

Our baby girl Neveah bagged the Best in Costume award! Yaaaay she's such a cutie patootie, with matching hand salute gestures pa! We called her Labanos/Gabriel a la Andi Eigenmann in Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin.

We got home by 7:00 PM and Paolo and I decided to go to sleep for an hour. We were going to attend my cousin's birthday house party at 9:00 PM but because we were so worn out (imagine sleeping at 1:00 AM and waking up at 4:30 AM the same day) we got up by 11:30 PM! The party has just started when we arrived at the party, thank God for Filipino time!

While having a good time at the party, I saw Angelica Panganiban's tweet about his Tagaytay trip with her friends and Derek Ramsay:

I thought of this funny idea and I tweeted Angelica and Derek back:

In less than a minute, Derek replied:

So I was like:

Hahaha! Wondering what picture I posted to get his attention? CLICK HERE. See? Not all celebrities are snobs! AND DEREK DOES NOT DIRECT MESSAGE!!! Moving on, we finished 4:00 AM the following day and headed to Sky Garden yesterday afternoon to meet some of my friends.

It was my first time to try Gong Cha, and dang, I liked it! I ordered Chocolate Milk Tea with extra pearls and 50% sugar. Next time, Serenitea and Moon Leaf! And since it was raining hard yesterday, we moved to Army Navy (to get dry seats) and treated ourselves with a Steak Burrito and Freedom Fries! We played with this little brown paper bag while waiting for Mika, Maro, Mark, Monte (M'ssss!) and Johnson. Paolo even pulled a prank on me. I was waiting for him to take a picture of me with that brown bag on and I was asking if it's done but no one's talking! When I removed the bag, he wasn't there and hid somewhere! People were looking at me as if I'm out of my system but since I'm used to his jokes like this, I pretended like nothing's happened. Hehe. I'm game like that!


Surprised? Don't be! We're currently fixing stuff and bridging the gap of our friendship so expect to see me with them just like before. Let's all be happy and set aside the things that make us a.) ugly b.) unworthy c.) childish and immature d.) suffer e.) all of the above and let's all forget the past, move on and enjoy life. :)

Thank you and bye, July! August is going to be an awesome month like you! And oh, by the way, happy monthsary to the Monthly Period group. ♥

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