Thursday, August 25, 2011

Girl Friends and Boyfriends

It's a long weekend last week! Spent Saturday and Sunday with my girl friends and our boyfriends. Nothing beats bonding moments plus the fact that there will be an addition to our family (K can't wait to have a playmate)! I don't want to spill haha so I'm starting my post-weekend stories now!

Happy birthday, Little Susie! :)

We had  a simple birthday dinner with my Happy Lemon girl, Susie, who turned 23 last August 18. It was a Peri-Peri, Promenade celebration with Reyneil, Kim and Mon, Rachel, Jovy and I and Paolo.

Spot Paolo doing Mon's favorite pose.

We all had a good laugh talking about some things and how excited we are in preparation of something very special. Expect to see some changes in the coming weeks and months! I am so excited to be a part of it! <3

Paolo and I came in matching colors, gray! We're such a couple with telepathic minds! Cute, simple things always count! I love it!

I love you, birthday girl!

We then transferred to Happy Lemon but it's oveeeeerrrrrrrcrowded so we stayed at Starbucks. Some bought frappuccinos but Susie, Reyniel, Paolo and I chose Happy Lemon. I finally had a taste of their bestseller, Lemon Yakult, which I always mistakenly call as Yemon Lakult!

Girls who need to diet, seriously! L-R: Me, Jovy, Susie, Kim and Rachel.

Group shot! ;p Now with the boys Paolo, Mon and Reyneil.

El pajabol: Me at the parking lot with my Happy Lemon's Lemon Yakult. 


Last Sunday, the same girls and I had another FIRST in our lives together. I really can't say what's that about for now and I have no right to announce it initially although I'm so itching to share even a point of this coming "event", I still don't want to! I respect the people responsible for that. :) Anyway, after this "first", Paolo and I headed straight to Timog for some Karaoke Republic moment with high school friends, thinking it was Ailyn's birthday celebration! She also turned 23 on the same day Susie did.

GMMMMM: Gian, Marianne, Maro, Mika, Monte and Mark!

Ailyn did not make it so everything turned out to be a triple date! Good thing Johnson arrived less than an hour before we left. We sang old school songs from Patti Austin to N'SYNC, A1 and The Corrs.We also didn't miss Britney Spears' hits plus my favorites The Script, Plain White T's, The Fray and Mark's and Paolo's Nickelback and Korn!

The girls: Marianne, Maro and Mika.

The boys: Monte, Mark and Paolo.

Mika and I. Spot our Longchamp bags! ♥

Ailyn missed us for the third time!

Vaughn-ita followed!

We went home past 2:00 AM. Why do we always go out on a Sunday night? Hopefully, we'll set our next date on a Friday or Saturday night. No to time pressure! But no regrets. You know me, I hate it when I lack sleep but of course, good times are worth sleepless nights. Add Monthly Period--the best of times! I miss them! Fun, fun, fun! I really love August! Now I'm looking forward to the next looooong weekend in two days!


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