Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Trisha's Despedida

My friend Trish threw a farewell party last Saturday at the Eastwood Richmonde Hotel. She already left yesterday morning for Canada for good to be with her family. It was actually her second farewell party because she had one a couple of months ago so Stephie and I tried our very best not to miss this final one. Although Lizzie was not there, we still saw familiar faces like Tish and Vann and we finally got to bond with Nixie and Ana again. 

My date that night is Stephie, my love! I'm so happy that we went there together, we spent longer time to catch-up! I'm glad that she was able to attend Trisha's party despite her busy med school schedule. I missed her so much! Being with her for four hours is not enough but I'm definitely choosing this rather than not seeing her at all!

Yannie + Stephie! ♥

I have less than 10 photos from my camera because I was too lazy to bring it out and I relied onto Trish and Jhet's professional cameruhhh. I also had an epic story--I did not know they were having a group shot when I walked right in front of everyone right when the camera started to flash. Sorry </3 Haha!

Imagine me walking in front of everyone!

The NURSE arrived! Hey Nixie! :)

And then with the Banana, Ana. :)

 Trish's girl friends! All pretty, including me hahaha!


First two shots from my camera.

Something that Liz missed!

Me, Ana, Trish, Nixie and Steph. ♥

Another version of us five!

Mirror vanity = Multiply days!

Haha our forever angles!

I will miss you!!!

Thanks for inviting us, Trish! We enjoyed the food Jhet prepared especially the chicken wings and my favorite pesto pasta! Plus... you made me drink again but I must say that that red drink with lychee flavor is so super sarap, I loved it! :)

I know you're already in Canada now the moment you read this but I just want you to know that being there miles away from where we are does not mean our friendship should end. Our distance only makes our friendship stronger and more miss-able! Let's keep in touch. LiveProfile, Facebook, Twitter and Facetime, okay? Enjoy! xx


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