Thursday, September 15, 2011

Forget About Pride!

The boyfriend and I had a big fight last Monday night but when we saw each other last night for dinner, it's as if nothing happened two nights ago. This is what I like about us--we quarrel about petty things, we even sometimes say hurtful things against each other, we part at night shutting the car's door but every time we see each other after a day or two (when we're both calmed down, of course), we forget about pride. To quote him, "Sorry is the answer." He said he's sorry, I said I was too. Forgive, forget. :)

We took pictures to kill time after our dinner at Yoshinoya. We haven't done silly things in front of the camera until last night. The wait staff were caught laughing at us because of our real funny poses! You know us, super hilarious!

We love red ginger!

 Shrek and Fiona!

Oh yes, seriously. :)


In the eyes of love: looking at each other and shocked!

People say we almost have the same eyes. You judge.

Don't dare us to show you our wacky shots! Haha skereh!

Abused the yellow lights!

We transferred to Chatime and it was our first time there. I did not know what to order but thanks to those who tweeted me back when I asked via Twitter on which drink we should get. I decided for myself though, I got Chatime Roasted Milk Tea with extra Pearls and 50% sugar while Pao had his Taro Milk Tea. Honestly, I didn't like it.. I mean there's nothing special about its taste but I'm giving it a chance. Maybe we just had a bad choice of drink.

Chatime. Hehe

Love the pink-purple theme!

Taro Milk Tea and Chatime Roasted Milk Tea.

I belong! Purple! :P

Ohhhhh yeah I love Wednesday night! xx


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  1. You guys are such a cute couple! :) so inlove!

    xx Kaye