Wednesday, September 21, 2011

3/6 Best Friends

I had a reunion with three out of my six best friends last week. To remind you, the last time I saw Phoebe was during her baby girl's baptism last May, Hya was February 2010 and Cha was April 2009 a few weeks after we graduated from college! So imagine my excitement when we finally got to meet our schedules for a dinner, I was close to crying. I promise! :')

We set the venue at Starbucks Gateway and Cha brought her beautiful sister, Ate Chen, with her so she could stay a little longer. We moved out and looked for a restaurant because we were so noisy inside the coffee shop we had to be somewhere outdoor!

We searched, and searched, and searched and decided to try Cafe Adriatico despite the majority's desire to dine in at Pizza Hut instead. My great convincing powers worked and they finally said yes! Phoebe and I are smoothie suckers and we were attracted by the cafe's tarp showcasing their new drinks!

Meet them! L-R: Me, Ate Chen, Cha, Hya and Phoebe

A group of old men were having dinner there too and we got scared because they kept on staring at us! Good thing was, Ate Chen's husband was with us! At least we didn't appear to be an all girls group and they were watching us every time we take photos!

Girls ♥

We had lots of catch-ups that night! I love the nature of being with our best friends, that even if you haven't seen each other for a long time, the moment you see them again will always feel like that THAT long time is only yesterday. Got me?

Cha, Hya and Phoebe are my very first friends in college. Hya transferred to UST after a year but we never lost in touch. We all stayed intact until we met Kim and Rachel then eventually, Susie and Jovy plus Anne, Cheenee and Maan who all came from various group of friends. Pyramiding much? Hehe.

A short introduction about them individually...

Cha is the very first person I met in FEU. Quite intimidating at first because of her beautiful hair and height, I wittily asked her if the seat next to her was already taken on the first day of college. I realized she's a normal person, far from her I-look-like-a-model-therefore-do-not-talk-to-me look. She answered me in English, because she thought I was a Korean, blame it on my full bangs, boleros and colorful accessories! Epic! To her, I can tell my darkest secrets and believe me, she'll never judge even a negative word I say.

Hya, my closest girl friend among the group because 1. we love studying while Phoebe and Cha were busy fixing their faces hahaha 2. we're both active girl scouts during high school therefore we have common friends and 3. we're simple. Hahahaha I'm biased! That's why it was a pain losing her in classroom during our second year!

Phoebe, on the other hand, is someone who will never, ever, bring you down! She's the adventurous type, will most of the time say yes to all your plans and invitations as long as it fits her schedule and she's the closest girl to my family. My parents and sisters treat her as a family member and everything's legal (even drugs, yikes, joke lang) everytime we namedrop each other! She has my parents' complete trust and I guess her family treats me the same way coz I feel it!

Moving on, or going back rather~

Because the old men asked Kim, Ate Chen's husband, about something, we decided to go to TriNoma. Fortunately, that's where I'm picking up my Laduree macarons from a friend who went to Paris!

On our way to TriNoma!

As usual, we planned where to stay/eat on our way there but when we arrived, all the plans were marked x. Our no-fail go-to place? Bigoli! Free Wi-Fi, refillable drinks and unlimited garlic sticks, what more can you ask for?

Trivia: When we were in college, these girls cursed me for taking so much photos of all the things we do. Now, I'm quite amazed how they, especially Cha, turned out to be a camwh0re!

I love this "barkada pic" ;p

We roamed around right after and took mooooore photos! Imagine, tipong ako na sumuko from all the picture taking while they were still so hyped. I'm happy that they're such grownups now hahaha before they used to consider picture taking a nonsense thing but eventually they're well-influenced and they realized it's a good keeper of life's precious moments! Of course I brought my ever loyal camera with me and now they're waiting for me to upload all the photos from that night. I'm still busy, I'm sorry. :P

Four hours of being together is not enough! We need a whole day or two, or even a week or a month, to fill the gaps of time but according to Cha's ever quotable quote, "Hindi naman kailangan palaging magkasama para mapatunayan ang pagkakaibigan." And of course, SMS, Twitter and Facebook keep each other updated.

I'm ending this post with a usual "wacky" photo of me. This time, with Cha who posed for a housekeeping trolly!


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