Friday, September 23, 2011

Crazy For Ladurée

You know how much I love Blair Waldorf. Her style, her character(!!!), everything she does, I wanna do. And even if I'm not an elite like her and that I'm not from NY, I have an inner Blair Waldorf in me. We both like Audrey Hepburn, we both have Jenny Humphrey and that we're crazy about Ladurée macarons!

Omgaaah Blair Waldorf is made of class ♥

Whenever I feel like eating macarons, I go to Bizu (and now Sweet Bella at Burgos Circle). To note, the closest Bizu branch from where I'm located is Greenhills so I usually fail to fulfill my cravings. Last week, I was dying to have some macarons and the good news was... a former classmate from college who's now a flight attendant flew to CDG before flying back here in MNL. She Twitpic'd me a box of Ladurée and begged her to buy me a box of 8. The flavors of my choice are: Red Fruits, Raspberry, Pistachio, Chocolate, Rose, Vanilla, Praline and Mint and Strawberry.

Just a little background about Ladurée: it is a luxury pastries shop from the ever luxurious city, Paris. History says that it is the brand that invented the double-decker macaron shells with a creamy ganache filling. The perfect description for “le Macaron”? According to its very Parisian website, “These small, round cakes, crisp on the outside, smooth and soft in the middle, are the most famous creation of Ladurée.” It is also the pastry brand which took charge of all the cakes used in the film Marie Antoinette starred by Kirsten Dunst.

Now that I've finally tried Blair Waldorf's favorite, I can swear by this description. I can forever munch on this. I even found myself sleeping beside its box. But of course I shared the macarons to my parents, siblings and Paolo because the best things in life must be shared to all, especially to our loved ones. :)

My oh, so precious box!

Les Macarons: two almond meringe shells with butter cream or ganache filling ♥

"Crisp on the outside, smooth and soft inside."

Raspberry, Pistachio and Chocolate.

Chocolate, Mint & Strawberry and Coffee

Vanilla, Praline and Rose.

© Photos by Mai Marcial

It's official! I am craaaazy for macarons! I've tried Bizu and Sweet Bella and next week, I'm gonna try Empire. Also, I was also informed that McDonald's in Paris also serves macarons. Can't wait to try each and every macaron in the world! 

If you have suggestions on where else I can get/order/buy macarons, please let me know! Email or tweet me! Thanks! :)

I really love channeling the inner Blair Waldorf in me! Okay forgive me for being such a social climber (my haters say I do it best hehehe) but never mind, I'm a Prince(ss) Macaro(n)!



  1. It's my favorite dessert, everr!

    xx Kaye
    Fashion Blogger

  2. Me too! You're crazy over Laduree as well! :D