Monday, September 26, 2011

BTS -- MARiS: Birds Of The Same Feather...

I honestly don't know how to start this post because there are just soooo many beautiful photos! From behind the scenes to final shots that made it to MARiS collection... I. Just. Don't. Know. What. To. Choose!!!

Okay, so I had my another styling stint, this time for MARiS. To those who haven't heard of MARiS, which is impossible coz it's really rocking the feather trend, it is an online store which houses unique pieces. Feathers, leathers and everything one-of-a-kind, MARiS is definitely the first to introduce the beauty of feathers as a hippie accessory.

This collaboration with Mika Artienda, MARiS owner/designer, is a dream shoot. I've been thinking (and dreaming) of a bohemian-inspired shoot that's why I got super excited when she emailed me the pegs. Mika and I have a lot of things in common, I was not surprised that she thought of the same thing AT ALL! :)

We originally had three models but unfortunately, two did not make it because of some personal/emergency reasons. Our forever model, Kaye Quong, was the only one who arrived so Mika asked me if I could model for her. I said yes, so from the theme "Birds of the same feather...", I'm also considering "Hitting two birds with one stone..."!

Stylist in action!

Imagine us changing outfits outdoors without anyone noticing us. :)

Part of the job: Fix everything, even the tiniest details!

I just had to post this. I look flawless here hehe :p

I did not bring a large number of accessories because we wanted to focus on the MARiS items alone. I love how we kept most of the things minimal and exaggerated the beauty of the feathers. We also made a video for BTS, how to take care of your feather accessories and something which works as an ad for the said brand. 

Now meet the people behind the camera:

Mika Artienda, photographer and MARiS owner and designer.

Tricia Gancia, makeup artist.

Bea Manzano, makeup artist.

The boyfriend who woke up early to drive for us ♥

I love this! I'm such a sucker for candid shots!

Mika and Bea

Moonleaf's Wintermelon Milk Tea!

Mika introduced us Moonleaf! I've been hearing about this tea shop for quite some time and finally, Mika ordered for us! It tops my tea shop list now! We have been constantly craving for this and it seems like we go to its Maginhawa branch thrice a week and so far my favorites are Wintermelon Milk Tea and Lychee Yakult.

We did two sets for MARiS. First, a video introducing MARiS Muses wearing white dresses and selected feather accessories and second, a photoshoot featuring MARiS' new items: Lizzy Back Necklace, Miss Pastel Necklace and Oversize Japanese Hand Fan and its bestsellers.

Ladies in action.

Modeling the Pinky Swear Single Earring.

MARiS bestsellers!

I love these shots by Patricia!

MARiS Muses.

Excited to see the official photos used for MARiS and MARiS at Yhansy? Stay tuned! xx



  1. Finally the dream shoot of Mika! :) Love love the BTS photos :)

    xx Kaye
    Fashion Blogger

  2. Hi K! Yes, that's our dream shoot! Thank you! :)