Friday, January 20, 2012

Hey Soul Purple!

Fashion, music, lifestyle, culture, art. Put them all together you will define Soul Purple.

Soul Purple is, according to its website, a lifestyle clothing brand that steers its focus towards individuality and freedom. It also houses and showcases the work of new breed artists, designers and retailers.

I'm very appreciative of what the fashion industry in the country has brought us. People of all ages are now dressed accordingly to what they believe in and to what they feel comfortable with the right expression of freedom and openness. There is no rule when it comes to fashion now. Gone were the days when you will get an awful stare from strangers when you pile up on accessories, wear unusual shoes and flaunt the not-so-typical clothes. Everyone's their own artist now.

Soul Purple's branding is illustrated so well. Let your imagination wander.

They have a collection for both men and women.

This Harlowe Kimono  is one of their many good pieces which caught my attention. Available in two colors (red and aqua), Php 1,250.

This Michelle top, which can be also used as a dress, in missoni print is also a sight, Php 1,150. 

 This Julia romper is the perfect outfit when you feel lazy to doll up a bit. Worn alone or mixed with other pieces, this is surely a hit! Available in three prints, Php 800.

Whiskey Hill and THE Clothing are both in consignment with Soul Purple. Gotta get 'em, men!

For orders, details and other information, email You can also follow @SoulPurpleMNL or like them on Facebook. Want more? Visit them on Tumblr too! Live your passion and be free!


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