Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Drink-y Winky

Holla, Superlovers! First of all, sorry for the blog hiatus. I've been very busy with work and other matters like looking for a place to stay in for my first trip this year. I've got lot of things in mind to blog about but I never found the time to do so. January is one of a hectic month, believe me! But yeah, I'm enjoying every minute of it and I'm dealing with things better than ever!

Now on to the very purpose of this entry--

If we're Foursquare buddies, then you will know that the top places I check-in to are milk tea shops and coffee shops. These include Chatime in SM North (the closest to my place), Cha Dao Tea Place in Visayas Avenue and UP Village, Starbucks and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Therefore, drinking is my new hobby!

The year has just begun and I think I tried more than ten different drinks from different shops. Now I know why I keep on growing bigger. But anyway, here are my newest favorite drinks and shops:

1. Jamba Juice. Yay it's official! I have finally tried Jamba Juice for the very first time yesterday. After two consecutive meetings with the TV5 bosses yesterday, I rewarded myself a Coldbuster smoothie. The best thing about Jamba Juice is that they use nothing but fruits and other natural ingredients. All its drinks has zero grams trans fat, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors and preservatives. Add-on are also available like a scoop of protein, vitamins A, C, E and immunity booster. I can't wait to try them all! If only I live near the High Street. Follow @JambaJuicePH.


2. Chatime. I thank SM North for bringing Chatime closer to home. I always drop by here before I go home from work. I guess I've tried almost 75% of their offered drinks from Mellow Milk Tea, Energetic Healthy Juice, QQ Jelly to Smoothie Series but my super favorite is Chatime's Red Bean Smoothie (normal sugar and extra pearl). Follow @ChatimePH!

3. Cha Dao Tea Place.  Like Chatime, I tried all of its drinks but I'm on 95% now. Paolo's sister Patricia loves Cha Dao so much she gets her milk tea fix delivered anytime! The best buys are its Yakult Blends + Popping Bobba sinkers (strawberry flavor) and I recommend Peach Mango and Sour Apple Yakult Blends. I also give Cha Dao's store ambiance because it's not too crowded unlike the other milk tea shops. Very quiet and relaxing yet many customers come from time to time. Follow @ChaDaoTeaPlace

 4. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Milk tea places are so in demand these days but coffee shops are still the perfect place-to-be when you want something refreshing, if you want to kill time or whatever. Last week, my good friend from the 90s came home from Kuwait so we scheduled a date with her together with our other friends from grade school. Zarah lives somewhere in Cubao so the best place to simply hangout is CBTL (since Chatime is crowded). I tried its newest offering, the Red Velvet Ice-Blended drink and it's so yummy but a bit pricey compared to milk teas. I tell you, it doesn't taste like a cupcake blended. The mysterious red velvet taste can be now sipped but is still topped with whipped cream! Follow @cbtlph.

5. Moon Leaf Tea Shop. Definitely the most successful milk tea shop now with more than ten stores nationwide. They offer the best Wintermelon milk tea in town. I have to thank my good friend Mika for introducing this to us. Moon Leaf also ousted Starbucks Coffee from its claim to fame annual planner by creating its own. They are also active in relief drives (like Sendong donations operation). Clearly, the marketing group of Moon Leaf deserve a high five! Follow @moonleafteashop.

If you're too busy to go out and try these or if these places are not accessible from where you are, I also recommend buying bottled drinks from the nearest convenient stores. Smart C in pomelo and grapefruit flavor, Noyu in lychee and oolong tea flavor and Yakult! And if you're lucky enough to convince someone you know who lives in Singapore, ask them to send you flavored Yakults in grapes, green apple and orange. Very addicting!

How about you, what's your favorite drink place? :)


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