Monday, January 09, 2012

More Fun In The Philippines

Last Friday, the Department of Tourism launched its newest campaign, "It's More Fun In The Philippines". Filipinos all over the world have fun in sharing their own versions of "more fun" by creating personal posters with witty descriptions on why it's more fun here.

I'm really grateful that our people embraced and supported this campaign despite the accusations that the idea was stolen from a Swiss tourism campaign. In all honesty, I think that this is just a pure coincidence because the word "fun" rhymes with "Switzerland" and the phrase "it's more fun in *blank*" is an ordinary phrase. It can be heard from everyone... everywhere, everyday. And "It's More Fun In The Philippines" in Tagalog is "(Sa 'Pinas) Mas Mas Masaya" just like here at TV5! Mas masaya naman kasi talaga. And take note, my boss retweeted this! 

Going back, I wouldn't let this moment slip. We're currently on a high sharing what we've got! I made my own versions, too!

Sam, Marga and Reesha in Baguio City.

With Paolo, Boracay Island.

Corregidor Island

The Magic Stays With You! At Enchanted Kingdom.

A certified only in the Philippines: dirty ice cream!

A lovely sarong. Pagudpud Beach.

Main reason why I wanna go back to Laoag. Paoay Church is a little piece of heaven in the Philippines.

Body massage by the bay? Yes. At Puerto Galera.

I ran out of witty descriptions but I swear, making these "more fun" posters alone is really fun! Please find time to make your own too. All you need is Adobe Photoshop and get the vector and raster template here or get instructions from Jayvee Fernandez or download the Harabara font for free! If you would like to share your photos, you can add them on Gallery or email And lastly, like "More Fun In The Philippines" on Facebook and follow @MoreFunInThePHL and @DOTPhilippines.

Show your photos, show your support!


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