Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Eight-ernally ♥


Another year older of being together. That was fast. The memories of us getting to know each other better in school, waiting for lunch breaks and dismissal time in high school, him picking me up at home at 6:45 in the morning just a minute after my dad leaves for work, teenage problems, college dilemmas... all of these are still fresh in my heart and in my mind as if they only happened a month ago. Oh snap, I'm not dreaming. It's real. It's been eight long years!

I was just 15 and this young man, two years older than me, spun my world around. Yes, it's love. I knew it in such a tender age. No one really actually cared that I'm only in high school when God wrote one of the best love stories ever.

Wait, perhaps you have second thoughts on our story being one of the best. After all, it's just a regular bad boy-nerdy girl bumping into each other in the Principal's Office, boy involved in a manly fight while the girl served as a Little Principal. On the same day, girl found the boy knocking outside their house, handing her a magazine and since then, non-stop phone conversations and exchanging of text messages happened. A little fast forward to the next few months, boy knelt down and asked the girl to be his... girl. And the rest, as they say, is history. So what makes this boring-yet-mushy (at least for me) story the best? I tell you, it's not their breakup five years later because breakups are not good. And neither is their getting-back-with-each-others-arms six months after. The last two sentences will only remind you of the Popoy and Basha story aka One More Chance. The two main characters of the story make it the best. And there's no other man in this world who would fit for a woman named Marianne Marcial but a certain Gian Gancia.

My apologies for the cheesiness, I can't help it. Paolo and I have been through the best and the worst. Once in our lives, we gave each other up and judged our fate the wrong way. But God is good all the time, He brought us back together with stronger hearts. Now I'm taking my apologies back. This is something to be proud of, not something to be ashamed of and feel sorry for. :)

Let's proceed on to our celebration/Cebu getaway now, shall we? Next blog post, please!



  1. Awww.. Congratulations, twin. All the best :)

    1. Yay! Thanks, twin! :) You've been hearing my story since.. the day we met (online)! :)