Monday, January 30, 2012

Good Stuff

New additions to my growing collection! I got good stuff to add to my shoe, accessories, bags and lippies family.

I have bombarded my Instagram with these finds I truly heart. I love them even better because I got them for such a low price and some were just given to me by my ever supportive Mom and Dad. They are all kikay, they really define me.

Flat shoes.

I love colors, I love shoes. My savings always go down because of shoes. And when my eyes find a good pair, believe me, I won't sleep peacefully or I will dream about it constantly until I get my hands (and feet) on it and call them MINE. It may sound selfish but I bet a lot of girls can totally relate. It works with everything, not just on shoes alone. But in my case, it happens most of the time only with shoes. And last week, I got these red, yellow and blue Solemate flats! Exclusively available at SM Department Stores nationwide, these babies are sold for only Php 299. I got five colors now and I can't wait to have pairs in black, pink, green and brown!


My Mom surprised me with an overload of earrings, necklaces and bracelets last Friday night. She was planning to give it to me on a Saturday but since I got home earlier than the usual on a weekend, she rewarded the good girl in me. No sibling rivalry here, my Ate is not into girly stuff and my youngest sis has skin asthma, she's only allowed to use pure golds and silvers. And Mom knows me too much she knows how to spoil me! She has an eye for fashion! Check out her choices above: elephants, owls, and studs. Truly, mommies know best! 


If there's something cool from Mom, then there must be something cute from Dad. My Dad and I always enjoy grocery shopping and when I'm with him, I check out stuff for little girls. I don't know why but it has become a habit (I think it's clearly because I'm a forever daddy's girl, I always feel I'm just a 7-year old when I'm with him ♥). We check out Hello Kitty, Disney Princesses and Barbie, like, all the time! And these bags caught my attention on the day I forgot to bring my wallet to the mall... OK, I did not bring my wallet because I didn't want to spend a single centavo on that very same day and I know I'm financially safe because I'm with my Daddy! Hahahaha! So yes, he bought those two bags (the third bag was given to me by Dad last Christmas) of the same design but of different styles. My father has the sweetest heart!

 Lip balms.

Matryoshka dolls, Kimi dolls, Barbie dolls, I like dolls! But these dolls hurt our pockets like yeah. But what are you going to do if you see these pretties above? And what would your reaction be knowing that these are not just "dolls" but these dolls are lip balms and these lip balms are sold for only Php 35 each? I almost freaked out and instantly haggled for a lower price (insert a big hehe here). Bulk buying is cheaper and I wanted to take them all home. The seller is too kind to give it to me for only Php 25 each. I have no plans of using them because I have extra sensitive lips but I love seeing them now in my lipstick case. Oh tiangges, what am I gonna do without you? :)

My new stuff occupied another space in the room. Good thing I had a general cleaning last week and gave away clothes, shoes and other things I no longer use to those in need. For whichever taken away from you or for anything you have given away wholeheartedly, come blessings with a greater value on the time you least expect!


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