Monday, February 13, 2012

I Love You

Aside from the Grammys, there are only two things trending worldwide now: Valentines Day and Whitney Houston. Love and death.

I don't know how to relate these two in a single post. But everytime I hear things about Whitney's sudden death, I think about love. And I would still think about love even if it's not Valentines Day tomorrow. Her passing is just too soon. So soon.

I'm not a big fan of her but I love her and her music. I know, I know. I'm one of the few who just became a fan of her because her name stole the limelight once again. You got me? I mean, if she's still alive, I bet there will only be 4 out of 10 who will listen to her I Will Always Love You or The Greatest Love Of All performances or her The Star Spangled Banner rendition. There will only be a few who would want to watch The Bodyguard again, and there will be more than a few who would criticize her for being a drug dependent, who would say "I'd rather listen to Adele than blah blah blah." Admit it. I'm not a hater. In fact, I'm really, really, really sad that she died soon. And we all just professed our love for her now that she's gone, now that she can no longer hear our sobs and see our tears.

Now, do we really have to wait for someone's death before we appreciate his presence? Do we really have to wait for that moment where all we can ever say is, "It's too late..." and/or "I would've/could've/should've done this/that?"

I appreciate life. I know for a fact that one of the main reasons why I can't save enough money is I buy impulsively the things I don't really need. I spend way too much on things that I want because I hate regrets. But I learn so much from being such a freak like this. I value money when I'm about to get broke. And then I always end up telling myself, "At least I bought this." Please don't understand this the other way around. Living, for me, is not spending. I just have to say this because I believe that life's too short to be wasted only on regrets, on what ifs. Do things that can make you happy whatever it takes. LIVING IS ALL ABOUT MAKING NOT THE RIGHT DECISIONS, BUT MAKING THE DECISIONS YOU THINK ARE RIGHT. It's all about living life the way you want your life to be. It's all about saying yes to the things we want to do, to have, to feel. Living is loving.

When's the last time you hugged your mother? When's the last time you smelled her hair after her tiring day? How about your father, when's the last time you kissed his cheeks? When's the last time you shared a story with him the way he read you bedtime stories when you're still young?

When's the last time you let your sister borrow your favorite bag, shared a favorite food with your brother? When's the last time you went out with your cousins and uttered that they're the truest friends we could ever have in life?

When's the last time you gave a hand to your colleagues who are in need? When's the last time you smiled at the guards who open the doors of your workplace for you? When's the last time you offered a snack to the attendants who clean your desk before you start your day at the office?

When's the last time you hung out with your friends? When's the last time you had dinner with your dearest high school friends who never, ever let you down? When's the last time you had a picture taken with your college friends who helped you during your final years in school?

When's the last time you heard stories against you, when's the last time you heard praises and appreciated your existence?

When's the last time you forgave those who hurt you?

When's the last time you said thank you for the simplest joys you received and for the things you have prayed for which has now finally came true?

When's the last time you said "I love you."?

Please don't wait for that special day before you give your mom a bouquet of flowers, your dad his favorite drink, your other half a special gift.

Appreciate the people who are with you now. Appreciate the singers who give us wonderful music to listen to. Appreciate your bosses, your teachers, the people you see everyday. Give your smile to everyone. Appreciate life. Live life. Love life!

"Find your strength in love," said Whitney Houston. And now that she's gone, may she find peace, joy and love in the hearts of those who love her. May God bless her beautiful soul. Rest in peace, ma'am.

And after reading this, may we all find a way to let our loved ones feel needed, loved and appreciated.



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