Thursday, March 01, 2012

Birthday Boy: Daddy

My father's birthday falls on the last day of February, but since 2012 is a leap year, we celebrated his birthday "longer" than the usual. Two days before his actual birthday, I invited them for a special dinner. We had a pre-birthday celebration for our number one man at City Best in Tomas Morato. I know my family would love this hotpot and smokeless grill restaurant so I took the lead.

Let me show you what kind of sisters I have through our choices of food:

Meat for my Ate Mai! Unfortunately, she's allergic to seafood!

Maki for Miming! Die hard rice-eater! Rar.

My plate: VEGETABLES. I can't live without veggies!

Our family spent a good evening with stories and discussed things we saw around while dining. We also talked about my youngest sister's graduation--what her plans are, what she plans to do, and Mom and Dad convincing her to apply for a job at... GMA. Yes, GMA Kapuso!

Sizzling. Now I want that squid.

We rarely go out on weekends because of conflicting schedules but we always make sure to at least see each other and spend time with each other at home. Breakfast at home on Saturdays and lunch on Sundays, are some of our weekly routines so whenever we go out, we thrive to make those rare moments super special no matter what.

I told you, we make it super special! ♥

 Me and my sisters!

We just stayed there for a while because Ming was dying to watch the pilot episode of Sarah G. Live. After a couple of rounds, we finished our meal with a cup of tea and photos. My family is my lucky charm!


Our styles also show how different my sisters and I are from each other. But if you'd notice, my animal prints addiction has gotten into them. Ming's wearing that animal print bottom and Ate Mai's shoe design is a tiger! And yes, that's me wearing a pair of sneakers!

With Mommy! ♥

With the birthday boy himself! We love you, Pop! Always and forever! <3


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  1. Cute family and food pics! Your dad is one lucky fellow! Hehe...Great blog btw! New follower here! Feel free to stop by my blog sometime and do the same! Have a fab day!