Tuesday, March 06, 2012

February Flashbacks

February is a favorite month. And being the shortest month, I actually didn't notice how time flew by so fast! Up until now, I feel like it's only February 31. A lot of things happened during the love month, topping it is our 8th anniversary which we spent in Cebu and my Dad's happy birthday just a few days ago. I did not manage to update Superloved even if I wanted to. And if free time allows me to work on my writing mojos, I take the chance.

Aside from the two highlights I mentioned above, here are some days I'd like to get back with before I officially start my March, the summer starter.

 I barely see Toto these days so I was very happy to see him again when he asked me one biglaan day!

Watched Unofficially Yours with my sister Ming and Susie, whom I dearly missed!

Played with Reesha and Roddick at the mall when Susie left.

Dinner at City Best for Paula's 9th birthday and Paolo's Tita Anday's despedida. :)

Tin gave birth last February 29. Welcome, baby Kendrick!

Lastly, the milk tea craze got moooore crazier! Cha Dao fever!

The love month marked good and happy memories! It is a well-spent month with close friends and family. Our new tambayan called Silong de Garahe or Marcial Law Headquarters is a witness. That's where my cousins and I meet during weekends to catch up on each other and to play with the kids as well. And now that summer has officially started (yes, that's according to PAG-ASA), I can't wait to spend some time with them on the beach! Beach with my family and Paolo's family, beach with Monthly Period, beach with Tropang Logbi, beach with college friends, beach with Us-4 girls, beach all the time!

My summer game faceS are on, look!

Awesome photo by my sister Mamai :)


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