Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Hey Nei-Nei

She's the second baby in the group after Phoebe gave birth to her equally beautiful daughter Khara. Meet Daenerys Zarya, Neinei for short. She's a blessing to all especially to her mama and papa. I can't believe there's a new addition to the family of Girlfriends I've known since college. From nine, we're now stretched to eleven and the twelfth is also on his way (our other friend Miles is a soon-to-be-mama and is getting married in June).

Kim had a safe delivery last Saturday, March 31, after hours of laboring. Kim informed us Friday night that she's in the hospital already. By Saturday, another proud ninang posted Neinei's photo and Facebook and tagged us. Jovy, Susie, Neil and Paolo and I decided to visit them during the afternoon of the same day.

The girls with the hot momma plus Pia.

Neinei ♥

Mommy and daddy (and Tita Athena) look alike!

Like her Ninang Yannie, Neinei loves animal prints too!

She's a sunshine to everyone.

Such an adorable creature. I will surely see this little girl grow and will help her to be the best daughter! See you again soon, our baby Neinei, and know (and feel) that all your ninongs and ninangs love you!


*Nei-Nei's photos from Kim's Instagram.

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