Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Long Weekend Defined

I felt the most refreshing and relaxing morning today when I woke up and got up from my bed. While everybody was still longing for a longer weekend, I was too excited to go back to work. Five days off from office is more than enough. I didn't have second thoughts on not turning my alarm clock into its snooze mode. The moment it rang, I opened my eyes and smiled. "It's a new day," I told myself. It is!

It's quite saddening to see tweets on how lazy people can get these days. I mean, we're all rewarded of five days to spend at home or somewhere else aside from our usual scenes so there's more than that to be thankful for. Let's all be glad and keep the bad vibes away! I admit, at times I just want to lie on my bed and sleep all day or stay at home to have a Gossip Girl marathon but you know, our work keeps us going and spending! Working hard will eventually take us to places.

Have a nice week ahead! I hope you're all feeling brand new and recharged, too!


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