Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Starbucks Drive Thru 2.0

Last Thursday, my colleagues and I had an impromptu coffee date. It's somehow work-related but we didn't want to be charged of overtime rates (haha!) and we wanted to lighten up our moods a bit that we decided to spend some time in the newly-opened Starbucks along Mindanao Avenue, right beside St. Charbel Executive Village.

Our Mr. Finance guy, Kuya Joey, followed us to hand some documents. He's one of my first few friends at TV5! Ate Virgie brought her new camera with her, we were able to capture some happy moments! Meet them (again):

Ate Virgie, Mother Lisa, Tet and Kuya Joey.

Tet tet tet -- high school schoolmate/niegbor :)

It's rare to have a former schoolmate at work, I think. Tet's leaving for Singapore in a month or two, I super treasure the friendship we've had since she started working at TV5. We were schoolmates and neighbors and got lots of common friends outside work but we never had the chance to be "this" close. I luv her! <3

Oops, just in case you noticed my right under eye's a tad dark-er than the usual, I tried putting on an eyeliner and accidentally rubbed my eye. I ruined it the day I decided to leave my Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil at home. 

And wherever I go, there will always be girls behind my back. Haha!

Have a happy week ahead! <3


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