Friday, April 13, 2012

Surround Yourself With Creative People

I lack creativity--fact. I've been thinking for almost an hour now on how I can creatively write this thought until I realized that I need no extra uniqueness since I'm not... creative.

Creative [kree-ey-tiv] adjective (1) having the power of creating; (2) resulting from originality of thought, expression, etc.; imaginative: creative writing. (3) originative; productive.

If we're playmates on Draw Something, then you'd know I'm not a pro in drawing even a simple man so I always end up using the sticks. Back in school I accepted the fact that I'm not qualified in poster making contests, junk art projects and anything related to designing, illustrations, painting and sketches. Ask me to join an essay writing contest, a quiz bee or, as my friends call it, the boring ones, I promise to bring home the bacon for my section.

But my lack of creativity doesn't stop me from living the colorful life. Type the word creative on MS Word, highlight it then press Shift + F7. Imaginative, inspired, innovative. Aha! I have to believe it! I am creative in my own way. I may not be THAT artistic but I am productive. See, there's a liter of creative juices inside us. We just need to know how to squeeze it properly. :)

I ventured into fashion styling with the help of my friends who believe in me like Mika of MARiS and Kim of Royal Kouture. I made this blog so I can write and share my thoughts the wittiest and the sincerest way I can and I think it's the creativity in me that make things possible. And even if brushstrokes, watercolors and canvass aren't made for me, the good news is I know how to appreciate them. I know my craft.

There are three girls who live the "artsy" life for me. I'm so happy I came to stumble upon their amazing sites. I'm no longer longing for the perfect hands because my eyes are already perfect enough to see and admire their works. Meet cousins Alessandra Lanot of Life After Breakfast and Noelle Hilario of Wanderlust Drifted and international designer Niki Pilkington.

Just a few words about them.

Alessandra Lanot is Patty Laurel's BFF, my peg-for-life! She has a wonderful collection of watercolor illustrations. I think she's a genius when it comes to weddings (since I follow Patty's life through her blog, I know that she's the one who helped Patrick in getting Patty her engagement ring and made a cute blog post about it). Also, one of the favorite things I saw in her blog is their wedding menu. I want something like this on my wedding. Look!

The Timeline Of Love is just super cute! 
(From Life After Breakfast)

When it comes to traveling the 'indie' way, Noelle Hilario is the (wo)man! I also adore how she stays fit. She's a vegan and she does yoga. She's the only girl I know (online) who makes her own milk tea. In Tagalog, nagdidikdik sya ng mga dahon para makagawa ng sarili nyang tsaa. She's another peg for life like Patty. The only restrictions are I can't be a vegan because I looooove food and I can't be a surfer because I'm scared of big waves. That's all! And reading her blog always leads me to other links of my interests. I love you, Miss Wanderlust Drifted, you're so very hippie! <3

To quote Noelle, "organic apple cider drinks in recycled bottles, stripe straws from divisoria with little flags which i did myself and customized 'happy birthday' stamp made by the neighborhood stamp maker (:"
(From Wanderlust Drifted)

Lastly, Niki Pilkington! As I've said, reading Noelle's blog will link you to other equally admirable blogs/websites. Ms. Pilkingon's clients include Topshop, Evelyn and Crabtree, Elle, Elle Girl and MTV. Her illustrations are nothing but marvelous, it made me ask why in the first place did not pursue learning the art of arts. (Sorry, I'm opposing my earlier opinions!) But going back, hover on the link to see her other works with my favorite:

This girl in blue resembles Patty Laurel and the birdie is my boyfriend's favorite: mayna!

How can I not be inspired? They standout. And because of them, I was able to see the clip 29 Ways To Be Creative!

# 11 is the title.


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