Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hundred Days of Summer

I've been to my second summer destination! I just couldn't let the very long weekend pass without having another island to discover.

I never thought that this getaway would push through. I swear I wanted to cut myself into two when I found out that my family had last minute plans of going to Cavite. I had my things packed a day before Saturday and I was so freaking ready for the beach. Not that I chose to be with Paolo's family but I already gave my word that I'd be joining them. I did. My family's so understanding.

As we all know, getting to Pangasinan usually takes 4-6 hours but it took us 8 long hours! We stayed at Tropical Island Resort located at Tondol Beach in Anda Island. I had no photo to show you on how good-looking this island is especially on low tide but when you Google it, this will be one of the results:

Crystal clear water with white sand and it's at its best during low tide. Unfortunately, we went there on a holiday hence a crowded place. Tondol Beach isn't fully developed yet. I might go back here to see how it looks like during off peak where garbage is less visible and seaweeds/grasses are more... manageable.

Anda is right in between Hundred Islands and Bolinao (AHHHH NEXT TIME, BOLINAO! I SWEAR!!!). On our second day, we went to Hundred Islands--the main reason why we went to Pangasinan.

At Anda Port going to Hundred Islands!

With my boyfriend who's gaining weight! Haha!

With Deedee, Paolo's niece. She's already a grownup! ♥

From Anda Island, it took us 30 minutes to get to Quezon Island, one of the few islands in Hundred Islands National Park where guests are welcomed to swim. On our way there, we saw the many other islands which complete the hundred! Two of the notable ones are:

Turtle Island

I don't know the name of this island but I call it the hippo island. :)

I expected a large number of crowd and I was right. But it surprised me even more to find out that the island is loaded with sari-sari stores. It quite turned me off. I hope someone from the DOT or the local government would try to fix minor problems like this. A beautiful place like Hundred Islands deserves intensive care. 

For five minutes I dipped in the sea. Paolo and I also kayaked, resulting to sore muscles and body pains. The crowd is bearable but it's uncomfortable for me to leave my things somewhere while beating the heat away. We just took photos instead, went up the rocky hills and enjoyed the view.

What I wore: Sunkissed animal prints bikini, Betty satin pants.

Good to find out there's a clam-viewing area where guests are not allowed to swim but taking photos is fine! :)

At the clam-viewing area.

All the other islands behind me!

I know I'm gaining weight. Lalalala. I'm trying hard to bring back my Puerto Galera body!!!

Family picture with our daughters Deedee and Julianna. :P

Sad to say, we only stayed there for two hours. We had to go back to Tondol before the sunset. We killed time by jumping and jumping and jumping to starve ourselves and to give bigger space for our dinner: crabs, shrimps, crabs and shrimps.

Here are the two of my favorite jump shots:


Lack of photos, I know! Apologies, but I enjoyed too much time there with no camera and iPhone in my hands!



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    1. Hi Charmie! It's actually a steal! A pair costs P399 and was surprised when they only billed me P199! :) Got it from Sunkissed, SM Dept. Store last month :)