Thursday, September 01, 2011

Puerto G!

It was my first time at Puerto Galera. I've been hearing good stories about it, especially how fun the night life is there. The long weekend we recently had was perfect, it's like destiny tapped me at my back and said, "Go ahead, see how beautiful the island is." Plus, I'm really thankful that we chose to be here instead of having our vacation in Bolinao. Typhoon Mina badly hit Northern Luzon and my entire long weekend would have been a mess if we did not decide to go to Puerto Galera.

It was raining cats and dogs when we left for Batangas and my parents tried to avoid talking to me the night before because they were convincing me not to go at all. Of course I got scared but I was so damn excited for this trip that I told them we've made up our minds and assured them instead that if the rain won't stop the moment we arrive at the port, we'll go back home.

We rode a bus bound to Batangas City in Cubao and the trip took us almost 4 hours because of the rain. We did not notice the long travel because Paolo and I talked about stuff the entire trip and enjoyed the video on board--FPJ's movie with Charlene Gonzales, circa 1993. I love watching old films especially if it's action! We arrived at Batangas port by 1:00 PM and by that time, all boat transfers were cancelled due to storm waves and porters said it might resume after an hour or two. A group of porters offered us an alternative way to get to Puerto Galera--by land and shorter boat ride (from 1 1/2 hour down to 20 minutes) for Php 700 per head. We said yes, together with 4 other groups of Filipinos, Japanese, Korean and Danish. To quote myself, "Ano naman yung 700 kapalit ng safer trip?" Therefore, we went up and down the mountains for an hour and when we finally got to the other side of the island, the waves were smaller but my heart was throbbing real fast. Ironically, I'm scared of waves despite my recent beach travels, and I really wanted to step back. I faced it with courage knowing that we'll be at the middle of the ocean for only 20 minutes and that Paolo's a good swimmer and that he'll save me and that I see neon orange vests all over the boat so I gave in. The first few minutes of the ride was fine but when the island where we came from disappeared from my sight, I almost cried. It was literally the feeling of riding Anchors Away + Jungle Log Jam and if only I've tried riding the Space Shuttle, I'll include this one, and it's in REAL LIFE, no safety belts or whatever, I thought I was going to die. The other groups in the boat did not mind the waves, they still laughed and took photos but I know they're a bit scared. I only did two things the entire trip: pray and puke. I puked three times and puked big time upon arrival in Sabang Beach. From Sabang Beach, we rode another jeep for 30 minutes going to White Beach.

We checked in at Dreamwave Beach Hotel by 4:30 PM. All the boat and jeep transfers were stressful, I have to thank Dreamwave's staff for relieving it. I have to post another blog entry for their superb hospitality to acknowledge and gratify their kindness! Again, we really got so exhausted that we opted to stay in the hotel on our first night after our quick dinner at Manalo's Restaurant and slept early.

 Good morning, Puerto Galera!

The following day, we got up so early and prepared ourselves for a whole day of Puerto Galera discovery. Gladly, Mr. Sunshine shone his bright rays on us as we enjoyed our Filipino and American breakfast served in the hotel.

My pick: American breakfast. Sunny side up eggs, ham, toasted bread and butter.

First morning: Bright and sunny yet so windy!

Paolo and I enjoying the 8:00 feeling.

After our heavy duty breakfast, I changed my clothes to actually feel that we're in the beach. I craved for some fruit shakes so we went to Puerto Galera's version of Johna's, Mikko's, owned by a friend of a friend. Small world!

At Mikko's Bar.

After finishing this mango shake, I ordered strawberry shake.

While Paolo enjoyed his beer with Kong at 3:00 PM, I had a very relaxing back and foot massage by the bay! It only costs Php 100 per hour and if you want a whole body massage, it's Php 250. It's the best one hour of my life, thank you to my attending masseuse, Ate Tessie.

I'm a massage freak just like my Mom.

I decided to take a dip into the ocean after the massage but Paolo and Kong were still drinking beer so I sunbathed instead, and the waves were a bit huge, again I got scared.

Paolo forgot to bring our sunblock so we used my Shu Uemura UV Armour.

Paolo fooled me and said that there's a huge wave behind me.

Graphic bikini top and purple bikini from Sunkissed by SM Department Store.

I got my bikini top last summer. Remember my Shoppergasm post last April? I paired it with another bottom to balance the plain and prints look. It's my 29th set of bikini! You'll see my 30th on my next post.

Paolo already knows how to please me. Paparazzi shots. ☺

More Lindsay Lohan-inspired photos. ♥

I love these photos of us. Super, duper, super, duper!

Paolo's funny face!

Red Horse Beer and Rum Coke at 4:00 PM. We bumped into the group of friends that we met during the boat transfer, offered them drinks and enjoyed the Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, the rain started to fall by 6, the waves gone mad again and I've seen the most frightening wave in my entire life. They started to make tsunami pranks and began mentioning Japan and Thailand, I wanted to throw bottles in their heads! We urgently went back to the hotel and waited for the rain and wind to stop.

When it finally stopped, we looked for a place to have our dinner and guess who we bumped into? Two happy couples Pia and Dave and Tin and Soyti!

At Puerto Galera's worst restaurant, Aurio's Food Garden and Bar.

I don't want to tell the entire story why I call this the worst but blame it to their super bad service and very unprofessional service supervisor. They let us wait for our orders for more than 30 minutes! Bad idea to dine here. I know how to run a restaurant, definitely the supervisor needs to be fired. Boo!

Me, Pia and Tin.

Soyti, David and Paolo.

Paolo and I met the other couples at The Outrigger Bar right after our bad dinner at Aurio's to drink our second night away. It was my second time to try Mindoro Sling, the island's most famous alcoholic drink made from fruit juice (apple, mango and sometimes, guava), grenadine and Tanduay Rhum. We also met wonderful and uber-friendly service crew of bar. LJ, Ehla, Airah and Madonna are the beckies we love!

Us girls with beckies Airah, I-forgot-this-becky's-name, and LJ.

Pia and I got so well in Puerto Galera!

Sober no more!

Finished drinking at 3:00 in the morning and had my worst-est-est-est hangover. I puked once again, three times and saw planets moving and birds flying around me. No regrets in having a good time but never in my life I will drink and party hard again.

Story of my last two days in Puerto Galera coming up next!



  1. Buti ka pa nkapagbeach nung weekend, namimiss ko na magbeach! I love your swim wear by the way :)

    Kaye (

  2. Couldn't miss the long weekend without going to the beach :) It's my life! :) Btw, my swimwear's from Sunkissed by SM Department Store's GTW :)