Friday, September 02, 2011

Puerto G! Again

Welcome to the second half of my recent Puerto Galera trip. This is the best Monday and Tuesday to date for it did not seem to be a regular work day at all. Imagine you're in a beach and not in your usual work place? Definitely the good life we all deserve!

We all had a fun night last Sunday at The Outrigger Bar with Pia, David, Tin and Soyti plus the beckies we just met there. We spent the night drinking and us girls drowned our system with Puerto Galera's infamous Mindoro Sling which I didn't know, was made of Tanduay Rhum!!! I guess we finished more than three pitchers, so I had the -est hangover the following day. As I've mentioned in my previous post, I puked three times and spent the entire Monday morning sleeping to scratch that dizzy feeling off my head.

When we felt better during late afternoon, we went out to look for another fresh fruit shake vendor and made use of our remaining time wisely and happily in the island. We couldn't believe we're leaving soon, time really flies fast when you're having fun.

Photos while waiting for our mango shake.

Paolo and I went to the other side of White Beach and discovered a stall which sells yummier fruit shakes than Mikko's and they serve hotdogs and barbecues too! I forgot its name (bleh) but it is located in White Beach Hotel (don't get confused there's White Beach Hotel and there's White Beach Resort).

Paolo has evolved from being a camera shy to a camera wh*re!

I so really love these photos of the boyfriend. He used to be so conscious whenever I take pictures of him in the past but now, I can say that he doesn't mind it anymore. His newest mantra? "Kapag tumanda ka, maghahanap ka ng picture mo na bata ka pa. [Magsisisi ka 'pag wala kasi hindi mo mapapakita kung gano ka ka-gwapo]."

Two thumbs up!

Stolen ♥

Bows, buttons, feathers and colors.

Us. ♥

We sat down for a while because I felt a bit dizzy again. Haha stup hangover! But I really cherish the moment with the boyfriend talking about anything under the sun, facing the sea, looking at the sunset and listening to the soft splash of waves in front of us.

Enjoying the sunset view.

I guess I'm loving red.

Paolo after his plunge.

We saw Kong once again so he took photos of us. Thanks, Kong! :)

The wind gave us a sticky feeling so we decided to go back to our hotel. We prepared ourselves for our last night. I decided to skip drinking MINDORO SLING that time because I'm scared to miss our early morning boarding time off to Batangas the next day.

Dinner at Hiyas Angeline.

What I love about Puerto Galera is that the meals there are priced the right way. Each meal costs less than Php 350, good for two to three persons unlike Boracay, Palawan and other famous beach resorts. Not to mention that the foods taste like real food, like no preservatives at all, and are fresh and delicious! Really!

All of us Outigger-ed the night once again! I vowed not to drink again so I just had iced tea for myself. Everyone felt closer with each other especially the beckies who stopped calling us "ma'am" and instead called us by our names or "girl", I love it!

Paolo and David.

I'm really glad that the boys got along so well together there. We all have common friends (at third degree, perhaps), and I love discovering how small the world is! Soyti and Paolo are probably textmates by now coz the latter just asked for the former's mobile number. Cute!

(THEY) DREAMGIRLS: Lady Gaga, Beyonce Knowles and Katy Perry!

These guys also thought of a silly idea! They dressed up as girls and borrowed the beckies' clothes! They had a mini-fashion show, watched by a big crowd! They also had a dance number where they performed Katy Perry's California Girls! They are so adorable!!!

As usual, we went back to the hotel late, we only had less than three hours to doze off. We even haven't packed our things and traveling with the boyfriend always feels like traveling with a child. You pack and fix all their stuff like a real housewife does with her husband. ALWAYS. How lucky could men get?

Rocking the boat.

Got up by 6:00 AM to have our super early breakfast and left the island by 8:00 AM. We chose to depart early because the locals there said that the sea is calmer in the morning and we have anticipated the traffic and the mad rush hour of everyone who came from a long weekend vacation.

Our official last photo from the entire trip.

I really, really love our Puerto Galera trip! The memories we had and the people we met there will be forever cherished. The boat ride I experienced going to the island is the bravest thing I ever did so far! I felt like a real survivor and I somehow faced my fear of... well, waves!

Am forever loving the beach and expect to see (and read) more beach travels from me in the future!



  1. Love your swimwear! :) really miss going to the beach :( Glad you had a great time!