Friday, September 02, 2011

Sea Colors

The best way to glam up your image while wearing a two-piece bikini is a loud accessory. Being in the beach doesn't necessarily depend on the style or color or design of your swimwear that's why beach babes rock stylish coverups, maxi dresses, flip flops, shades, straw bags and hats. It's not usual to see someone sunbathing while wearing chain necklaces but I bet you'll spot someone wearing wooden bangles but you won't easily notice it unless you stare at her from head to toe. So guess what, the perfect way to stand in the crowd of people getting a tan or simply hanging around the beach is a beautiful earring!

 MARiS' Feather Single Earring

I wore this and caught people staring at me and not at my semi-bared body. Some even asked me where I got it and I proudly said that it's from a friend. Look at how it complements my ruffled bikini top!

And since it's made of feather, it sways nicely against the windy feel in the beach. It's so light, you might forget you're wearing one! Even if it's called a single earring, you can wear both. I tried wearing both sides at night time, it looked gorge as well!

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  1. Perfect accessory! really love the feathered earings of MARiS :)


  2. I couldn't agree more, Kaye! All their unique pieces are great <3