Thursday, September 08, 2011

Leather It!

Paper works, documents, files that can't be folded--if you hate carrying them out like me for some reasons such as 1.) you're scared you might misplace it somewhere and 2.) you don't want to carry that brown paper envelope that 2.1.) ruins your outfit or 2.2.) makes you look like the unemployed looking for a job, then this classy leather envelop is for you!

 Leatherette Envelope from MARiS Unique Pieces.

As MARiS owner, Mika Artienda, says, "Tired of brown envelopes? Switch to our leatherette envelope and start this new trend in school.", this is the new trend! But this Leatherette Envelope is not limited for students alone. Employees like me need this too!

The moment I saw this on their website, I immediately asked Mika to reserve one from me and I felt a bit nervous when I found out that she's got a few stocks left! A couple of days after, I received a blue package from her and to my surprise, the violet Leatherette Envelope I've been eying on was finally on my hands!

My smile obviously shows how happy I am!

The color is so great, the color looks like a real ube! The size is similar to the regular paper brown envelope, only thicker and waaaaaay better! It fits short-sized papers and is durable, so scratch that fear of having your papers crinkled, pleated and folded. And like me, I bet you'll be scared to lose a beautiful trend, meaning, you're less likely to leave your files somewhere!

The Leatherette Envelope does not ruin your outfit at all. It even works as an accessory, something that adds ooomph to your outfit while acquiring the look of a brainy yet sexy, sharp yet stylish and smart and chic gal.

The need to post this newest trend!

And oh, did you also know that MARiS is coming up with new Leatherette Envelope designs? I don't wanna spill yet but they'll have printed ones that you'll surely like! Stay tuned and visit MARiS' website regularly!



  1. Reallly love that! :) MARiS always have the good trendy stuff :D

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  2. And MARiS always have the best unique stuff--all useful <3

  3. Love it :)

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