Monday, April 30, 2012

Whereabouts: April 2012

April has been a very good month for me. It's pretty amazing how wonderful things happened in one month. From family matters to the undisputed friendship I have with Monthly Period and to my ever glowing career path and love life, I must say the things I'm constantly praying for are blessed upon me.

I shall continue sharing my blessings while counting them. Thank you, Jesus! I couldn't ask for more. 0:)


April happenings, here ya go!

1. HTC event at the Sky Lounge. I went there with Paolo, Tin, and Don to support Kuya Carlo. I'm a big iPhone fan but let me tell you that getting an HTC phone unit is almost the same as getting an iPhone. Trust me!

Tin and I chilling, literally. It's so windy atop but good thing I've got my trusty black blazers with me. I claim I can't live without blazers now. They add oomph and IQ into any outfit (smart-looking girls get longer attention!).

2. Kittycat's rainbow birthday required girls to wear orange or yellow. The other thing I looked for next to this celebration is seeing our baby Nei-Nei! She's one cutie patootie but was a sleeping beauty when we went up to the family's place. Next time, Ninang Yannie's gonna play with you, honey! Plus I've got something stylish for you!

3. Bon voyage, Baj! Our kuya CJ aka Baj (the one being lifted) left for LA last week. We had a simple farewell party for him on a weekday and munched on his ever favorite Jollibee Spaghetti! See you in December, kuya!

4. GUESS WHO'S BACK. My forever seatmate is now back after her maternity leave. Time zooms, as in! She didn't even look like giving birth at all. She's slimmer than ever, even slimmer than I am! I adore your fab pregnancy! No stretchmarks and everythang! You got that, girl! Oh btw, with us is our other officemate, Kim.

5. The undisputed Monthly Period. Period. We're back! And we're almost complete! It's always awesome how unplanned events turn into the best ones, ever! A simple conversation via SMS without even trying to match our busy schedules led the way for us to have a dinner, a booze and a coffee together. All in one, impulsive night!

It's the coffee/birthday treat of our beloved Toto! We had our group's name written on the cups! Thanks for the coffee, girl. I love you soooo much! How can I ever live without you? :)

6. Then came my blocked screening ticket for The Avengers care of my boss. Since Paolo's in Batangas for work, I knew it's only Toto who can qualify as my bf for a day. We watched it together in SM Mall of Asia and had our late lunch at Bistro Ravioli.

7. Baby Kalyx in our arms. Yes! One hot, sunny, Saturday late afternoon we, again, "unplanningly" planned visiting the newest baby of our barkada, Kalyx. :)

Iba talaga kapag biglaan! Other April whereabouts include my zumba and no-rice, only greens and peas diet, and moooore.

And another highlight this April is getting a domain. Forget about the DASH, my blog can now be easily accessed via Thanks, Bimbs! You really surprised me!

Hope you're all having a good time like me!


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