Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Avengers: The Superhero Movie Like No Other

No superhero movie can ever top Marvel's The Avengers. None.

I've seen Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Fantastic Four, X-Men, and more. I've seen the gods fight like Achilles and Perseus, too. I thank them for saving the people's lives. They're really heroes but they are not The Avengers.

It's the only movie I've watched in cinema four times. Of course you know how many n times I played The Sound Of Music and One More Chance at home but you know, being in the movie house is far different from "home theater". I watched The Avengers with the people closest to me--my bff Toto, my cousins, friends and Paolo. Surprisingly, every time always felt like the first time! No joke! 

I still clap my hands in the scene where they all assembled on the ground, in a round formation seconds before Captain America gave instructions.

My super, superloved scene! Ask the people I watched it with, they will tell you I looked like a girl meeting Barbie.

There was never a dull moment watching this film. It's action-packed yet very humorous--a perfect combination of how a movie/ENTERTAINMENT must be. I swear every time I see Batman's trailer, I can't help but to be frightened (plus Heath Ledger's face as The Joker always pops in my mind). 

"Are we done here?"

"Why should I take orders from you?"

I used to ask my boyfriend, why can't they join The Avengers and X-Men together? They're all from Marvel! How about Peter Parker, why did Nick Fury not invite Spiderman? Hahaha. A girl can never have too many qs in life!

If asked about my most favorite Avenger, ladies and gentlemen...

IRON MAN. Probably the busiest Avenger for me. Admit it, he always steals the show! Tony Stark, you da man!!!

But Thor, you tore me and Iron Man apart. How can you ignore those big muscles and charming eyes? <3 

Three points for The Hulk. Remember these three super funny scenes: 1. His raaaawr brought Iron Man back to life. Haha. 2. He smashed Thor sidewards after saving NY people. Haha. And lastly, 3. He did not care whether Loki's a god or what. Hulk smashed him like crazy like a crazy puppy!

Captain America fans, please don't hate me. I like him, too, for being a leader and a goodhearted man and we all know the fact that he's handsome. I still have to give him, Black Widow and Hawkeye credits because if not for them, there'll be no Avengers!

Mr. Captain America, next time, don't be too serious. Smile!!! :)

You already, girl. Your buns are tdf!

I love how you "prep" your bow. 

I never thought I'd be hooked into something heroic and fantastic! Now I know I was not born to only watch Gossip Girl and to mush over Blair Waldorf! Hayayay! I'm pretty sure isn't only a fad, it's gonna be a lifetime addiction!

Oops, before I end this post, can someone answer this question for me?

Why is Samuel L. Jackson always introduced as "as Nick Fury"?

The closing credits introduced Robert Downey, Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner without their character roles except for Samuel L. Jackson. From Iron Man and Iron Man 2, The Hulk to Captain America: The First Avenger, he was introduced that way. It makes me so curious! I swear there must be something about him (and his eyepatch)! But whatever, I'm very willing to wait. I'm standing by. <3





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