Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Daenerys Zarya's Christening

Sharing you lovely photos from Daenerys Zarya's Christening c/o my good friend JC Cordel:

Nei Nei and Mommy Kim.

The Ninangs

The Ninongs and the Ninangs with Nei Nei and parents.

At the reception with Phoebe and her baby Khara, Susie, Kim E. and Doms.

Family pegging for the nth time with Khara. :D

Friends, friends and more friends came to celebrate Nei Nei's special day as a Christian.

I can no longer tell you how fun it was to attend events like this. I guess I blogged about Nei Nei's Christening twice this month, making this post the third time. 

Look how sweet, beautiful, loving and adorable this baby is. Nei Nei is definitely a Royal Kouture Baby like her mommy.

Daenerys Zarya aka Nei Nei

Baby Fashionista! :)

I superlove her cupcake cake! 

I wish Nei Nei all the best. I know she'll grow up exactly like her mom: thoughtful, sweet and joyful. I hope someday she'll get to read this and kiss her Ninang Yannie and say, "Thank you, Ninang!" :)

We love you, baby! All our eyes are on you. We want to see you grow up and we're all right with you and your family. :)


Photos from JC Cordel.
PS: For photoshoots, party coverages, etc. Kindly contact JC Cordel of JCC Digital Photo. Thanks!

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