Monday, June 25, 2012

Years In The Making

Today is the last day of my 23-year old self. I can't believe it's been a year since I threw an all animal prints party on the night I turned 23 with my closest friends and family.

Anyareh sa loob ng isang taon ko?

I've been through a lot. Yet, it doesn't make me feel like I'm growing old. I'm growing up. I'm slowly seeing my future and I think this is a good sign. When my Mom's my age, she's already sending my sister to school. Me? I'm getting some of the things I want and trying to work on the things I can't get so I can get them. There are so many wants in life. So many I just can't enumerate them all! 

Tomorrow I'll be another ageing lady. I'm 24, happy and blessed. I'm happy that I'm blessed with happy and blessed people. More than this, I'm thankful. 

If asked what's the best thing that ever happened to me in a span of one year, I'm happy to say that it's my career. My former boss once said, "Marianne Joyce is moving on with her career." Two years of dedicated service, loving all my bosses like a real family and respecting them the way an employee should respect his superiors were not even the hardest things to do. I gave my heart to my work, to them and to all my friends from TV5. It's so easy to love and to be loved if we're surrounded by real people. 

The moving on part, however, almost killed me. I can't believe I can no longer see the usual people I see everyday. I had to give up my work station, my desktop computer, everything. But you know what is bringing me back to life? New people who inspire me to do better! Five days of fun, laughter and challenge in the office a week. I have new friends and I'm happy to have them in my "new" home. I still have the best Kapatids. 

Next, what is life without friends? They are our chosen family, much as we can't live without our family, we can't also live life without friends. And a number here isn't important. Who cares if we only have one when you can count on him anytime? But life blessed me with more than a dozen. They may be in different groups and views but they are all equal. All loving and helping, transparent and beautiful. Here's a shout-out to my Monthly Period, Girlfriends, Rich Kids, Temptation Island, Tropang Logbi friends: Thank you for making me happy. <3

And eight out of twenty-four years I have a very happy and solid love life. It's unbeatable! I called myself Superloved because that's the way I feel about life when love is concerned. Paolo isn't manageable (hahahaha) and it's only me who can manage him. People closest to us will attest, and I plan to live with it in the next twenty-four years of my life until forever. :)

Lastly, I wouldn't be this happy and thankful if not for my family. My parents, sisters and cousins, most especially. I'm so ready to age a little older and to turn tables to take extra care of them. 

This is life! And it might take years in the making to know what my life's real purpose is. As of now, I will continue living and loving.

Cheers to my 23 years! Let's get it on, 24! 


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