Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Marianne x Hello Kitty

When people asked me if I'm throwing a bash for my 24th birthday, I said yes, even if I was unsure. My friends got excited and they were all eager to know what the theme's gonna be. I honestly couldn't think of anything else other than animal prints. Maybe neon? Or pastel? What a worldly problem I had. Until one day I realized that aside from animal prints, Hello Kitty has my heart.

I grew up owning Hello Kitty items straight from Tokyo, thanks to my ever loving Tita Teng who never fails (until now) in sending me packages of Sanrio goodies.

I also put myself in my friends' shoes thinking how hard it would be for them to search for neon or pastel dresses/clothes because even I myself had a hard time on them. Hello Kitty is super famous, can be found anywhere whether you're in a tiangge or in a mall and above all, Hello Kitty is a cutie patootie! I'd love to see everyone wearing something with Hello Kitty on it... on my birthday celebration.

The venue was never a problem since Discovery Suites is my second home in the metro. Paolo directed everything--from food, drink, the setup, the guests. A week before the party he started searching and buying all the party needs. He downloaded the music and even bought my outfit. During the day of my party, he picked me up from home with his car filled with all the night's essentials, as if we're going to a big family picnic. I went to my friend's wedding after checking in at the hotel. A couple of hours after, he's done with the cooking, blew all the balloons by himself and rearranged the room. All he ever asked me to do was to fix myself to be ready for my party. :)

The first guests who arrived were my sisters and cousins, followed by Paolo's cousins, high school friends, college friends, another two sets of high school friends and more. From last year's 25 guests, I think I had almost 40 guests (out of the 60 we invited) this time.

Photo bombs! For your guidance, dresscode: Ladies to wear something with Hello Kitty, gentlemen to wear white, ladies and gentlemen not to wear black... except me!

Brothers and sisters: Miming, Ate Mai, Jeric and Kuya Archie.

The future in-laws: Paolo's siblings and cousins, plus his best friend with his best friend's girlfriend!

Monthly Period with the two boys in town, Patrick and Jallo.

More Girlfriends in the house!

The night was young when we started. We served sweets and more sweets to set the mood right. Marshmallows, filled cookies, jelly candies, strawberry sticks and cupcakes. Don, Paolo's cousin, helped me with the ladies' drinks: mudslide and orange-flavored zombie. And while the men enjoyed their cans of beer, I unconsciously finished a bottle of chardonnay. :)

Spot me getting started on that bottle of wine.

I was so happy that Paolo didn't drink too much and that he knocked himself out so early. Way to go, babe!

Stolen shots. <3

The birthday bash was also a sort of reunion party. Remember Rachel-Toto from my last year's celebration?

Click here in case you forgot.

Two of my best friends for life. <3

High school reunion! Super happy that MMMM+V came. :)

The night was also filled with picture takings here and there but flop, I forgot to remind everyone that I planned to take a Call Me Maybe vid while we're all in one roof. Nobody ever did remind me as well, I only recalled the idea yesterday. :|

We might have forgotten it, but we had loads of beautiful group shots --

Thank you for coming, family and friends! :)

The birthday girl really had a great night. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Other photos (food, drinks, cupcakes, gifts, what I wore, etc.) will be posted on Instagram! I was so busy I forgot to take photos of them using the camera. 

I'd also like to commend Discovery Suites for always surprising me with the sweetest stuff literally and figuratively. The moment we entered our suite, a banner with "Happy birthday, Ms. Marcial" greeted me. They also sent me slices of cakes, a platter of pastries and pieces of chocolate truffles. Thank you! 

My photos show how happy and thankful I am not only because of the successful birthday bash we threw, but because I got to spend another special moment of fun, laughter and memories with the people who are so dear to me. :)

I am Superloved because of you!


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