Sunday, July 08, 2012

Summer Girls

The summer never ends (even if it's raining damn hard while I write this post)!

If there's one thing my Girlfriends and I love doing, it's going to the beach. Always and forever. We'll never have a strong bonding like this if we weren't gone to the Philippines' most famous beaches--Boracay, Bohol, Cebu, Palawan, and Pagudpud or spent a day or two in the nearby towns of Batangas, Subic and Potipot Island to get our tans and flaunt our bikini bods. Naks!

In the past, we'd go shopping for straw bags in the same style but different colors to have a little bit of identity as a group. We were also called Ribbon Girls once because we wore the same watches with ribbon straps but of different colors in Boracay. Green for me, pink for Phoebe, purple for Kim, yellow for Cha and more. Eventually, we called ourselves Girlfriends because we all realized that all of us are in a relationship. 

We still have beach trips even after we finish college although some can no longer make it due to work and family. I'm pretty sure you know that three of my friends are now moms and two of them just got married. But we make sure to find time to spend with each other to catch up on things and to make our friendship stronger. 

Just when my friend who's based in Macau went home for a while, we called for a reunion. It's nowhere else but on the beach! Cheenee was not able to attend Maan's wedding and my 24th birthday that's why she promised to spend a weekend with us. We drove our way to Subic, thanks to Paolo, and had a wonderful time together. Sun, sand, sea and a company of good friends! 

Susie, Jovy, Dhana, Phoebe, Cheenee, Cham, Kim, Rachel and I. 

Chammie and Jovy's cousin, Dhana, joined us and made the adventure happier. We wished Maan, Cha and Anne were with us though. It's gonna be the happiest for all of us, surely!

In the nipa while our two boys, Paolo and Mon, were cooking.

From denim shorts to bikinis, I missed this kind of scene:

Ooh la la! <3

Kim was wearing high-waist bikinis because she just gave birth to Nei Nei a couple of months ago. Look how fast she loses weight from pregnancy! Hot! :)

I love your long hair, girl!

Looking at my best friend doesn't seem like she also gave birth to our another little princess, Khara! Phoebe's abs are the abs to die for when you're already a mother!


No budget for a new pair of bikinis, I wore my Topshop pinky/hearty ruffled bikinis which I wore to Guimaras last year! :)

I gained weight but kebs!

Making the most out of this trip, we recorded our video while singing and dancing the hottest song of the moment, Call Me Maybe! We have version 1 and version 2 by Mon and Ate Mai respectively. Thanks, guys! 

I think our bikinis reflect our personalities! Can anyone tell? 

Oops, before I forgot! Pleased to introduce the two mighty men who drove and cooked for us. They also took our photos and videos. Hee hee.

Marianne and Kim gone men.

Yaaay I love this photo! 

This is also one of my favorite group pictures. 

I had the chance to take photos with each of my Girlfriends! It might take another long time before we have a repeat of this. 








Of course I never left the island without a photo with my Papao! :)

Uhm, I just realized we're both in pink. 

It was a short day tour but every hour of us together is like our moment together back in college. Nothing's really changed. Sarap sa pakiramdam to be surrounded by happy people! 

Love you, girls!!! :)

This weekend is definitely one for the books! It's amazing how best things happen in a day, regardless of what you've been through in the past. 

Love your friends as you love your life! 


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