Monday, August 27, 2012

A Day In Japan

I was finally able to tick off a few boxes from my bucket list this year. I have less than three months to  complete them, however, but it's good to know that I mark my own word. :)

No. 4 in my 2012 list is to go to Little Tokyo. It may sound shallow to others but I swear, I've never been to this little Nippon paradise before. My Monthly Period friends and I were planning to go here for a couple of years now but we always end up staying somewhere here in the north. I was also bugging Paolo to go with me since I made my bucket list, and if I only knew from the beginning what would make him say yes, I would have been there the same day I posted it.

But here I am months after!!!

The Little Tokyo gate along Chino Roces/Pasong Tamo.

Paolo hates strolling around Makati because he's not as good as me when it comes to directions and I am just kidding! Haha! Little Tokyo isn't hard to find at all. It's right across Herald Suites along Chino Roces, formerly Pasong Tamo. It's near Makati Cinema Square! Other gate is located in Amorsolo Street.

Little Tokyo is a small compound of Japanese restaurants, and I must say, legit Japanese restaurants! I did a little research before going to this place and I found out that each restaurant here has its own Japanese chef. 

The hallway is so Japanese, I so love it!

Half of the people who dine here are Japanese nationals, too!

Hana, according to my research, serves the best takoyaki in the metro, so Pao was also excited like me. He can eat takoyaki all his life! So without arguments and paper-stone-scissor thing, we both agreed to try Hana first and decided to try the rest of the restaurants on our next time there. 

I got the right research: a Japanese cook prepared our food!

Small chairs, small tables and glass windows in wooden blinds--so Japanice!

With my date while waiting for our food. 

I know that Japanese restaurants serve big so we ordered only a few. I wanted to try other restaurants after Hana but we found out that for lunch, they only serve until 2:30 PM and resumes for dinner by 6:00 PM.

I'm a food blogger wannabe but apologies for the photos! :D

Hana Maki - salmon roll, mayonnaise and fish row.

Miso Ramen -- the most delish miso ramen ever!

Takoyaki - with real octopus bits!

Definitely a must! Uji Kintoki -- green tea with red bean kakigori. 
I. Want. Right. Now.

Cravings satisfied! Two thumbs up! :)

We roamed around a little right after our lunch and took photos so I can post them here in my blog. I have to thank Paolo's trusty cellphone camera! It's really better than my iPhone!

Leighton Meester inspired attire! Click here to know what I'm talking about :)

Bonsai trees are amazing. I love them next to pine trees!

Covering my fun, filled tummy! 

I'm absolutely going back here to try all of them. I love the fact that Little Tokyo is somehow a hidden gem. The place is not crowded, food is delicious, surroundings are beautiful. I am bringing my friends and family here! 


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