Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hospital Boom Boom

I stopped blogging for a while due to some legit reasons:

1. My teammates and I attended a team building/planning session/storm camp a couple of weeks ago at Mimosa in Clark. We were given limited Internet access and did non-stop activities from 9AM to 11PM. Straight. 

2. Right towards the end of our 2-day camp, I noticed rashes growing all over my arms and thought they were just insect bites. They weren't itchy at all, but I started feeling dizzy and my dizziness eventually turned into severe headache.

3. When I got home late night Thursday (almost Friday midnight), I immediately sent myself to sleep. At about 3AM, I started vomiting. And vomiting. And vomiting. 

4. I stopped eating for a while, frightened because everything I eat becomes a vomit. Sorry.

5. I tried walking at home but my world just seemed to move around. I couldn't move. I couldn't eat. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't even tweet. I almost died. I was helpless.

6. We finally consulted a doctor on a Tuesday afternoon, the same day I decided to go back to work. My nose bled, and I was diagnosed with german measles. 

7. Two days have passed since I saw a doctor, my vomiting went back to its severe case. I threw up for not less than six times a day until my blood pressure dropped, my platelets and potassium decreased and my body did not stop shivering. 

8. They rushed me to the nearest hospital last Thursday night and stayed there until Tuesday night. I finished 12 bottles of IV, took antibiotics and skipped bath for five long days.

I'm trying to get my feet back to grooving. Thank you to to those who went to the hospital to see me, brought me food and sent their warmest regards and prayers via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SMS. 

Maraming salamat! :)


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