Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Little Man

We had our third ultrasound session last week because they say that the 7th month is the ideal period to try 4D scan. Even if we already know that we're having a baby boy, I just can't miss the chance to take a peek of how my baby moves inside my tummy. And I want to keep a souvenir of it forever. In a few years I'll be able to show my son how he looked like and how he moved and enjoyed the warmth of his little home inside his mommy. Thanks to advanced technology! And though a bit pricey, it is so priceless to see Pao teary-eyed to see his mini version for the first time.

Here are some of his photos:

According to the sonologist, our baby is singkit and malikot. :)

His hands! <3

His two legs and his *tutut* :D

He somehow looks like his lolo, my dad, here!

And he definitely looks like his dad here. No doubt it gained over hundreds of likes on Facebook when  I posted it. :)

I'd love to think this is how he will look like when he's on a good boy/behaved mood...

...and this, if he's annoyed. "Mom!!!!!!" 

Oh my love, few more weeks, few more weeks. Feel free to kick, swim and glide, it gives me comfort. I love you, my little man. I superlove you. :)

(Mommy) Marianne

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