Monday, May 13, 2013

Round 3, Baby!

I just want to share another meeting-slash-surprise-baby-shower for our little sailor, this time, from my friends in the industry aka my team, the best team, non-trad team. 

We were called for an emergency meeting last Thursday at Slice to update the performance of our team since our boss, Ms. Ris, is on leave. 

I didn't know that they were plotting something for me and prepared special, crafty pieces of baby things for me care of Janice, the queen of DIYs!

A tower cake made of rolled diapers and a bicycle made of baby towels, mittens, bonnet and more diapers! :)

Surprise at Slice!

Thank you, team, for listening to all my parinigs about this. Hahaha! I wish Lanz and Jess were here. Please do take care of my accounts when I'm already on leave. I love you all!


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