Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Surprise Madhatter Baby Shower

My Monthly Period friends are always the sweetest! To be honest, I never knew how it feels like to be surprised, and by that, I meant I was never given a surprise party.. at all. If not all the time, I'm the one who connives with friends to surprise a fellow friend.

And so on our way home from Marriott, Toto begged me to accompany him SOMEWHERE, when in fact, we agreed a week before that that he'll visit me. Paolo, Toto and I ended up watching Iron Man 3 altogether even if it wasn't planned at all. I had to say yes because, yes, it's Iron Man, and it's not any other Avenger I know. After spending so many hours out, Paolo and Toto finally thought of going home (it was so hot, I super wanted to take a shower!).

I turned the lights on, and to my surprise, floating balloons with messages hanging from the ceiling welcomed me. Colorful foods were also served on the dining table. I opened my room, SURPRISE! Mia, Aiza, Ahyin, Caren, Kay and Jec were all there. Welcome to my little sailor's mad hatter-themed baby shower!

"Disclaimer" foods!

Lesson learned: Dapat laging ready, bawal haggard. 

So lucky to have these people!

I love you, Monthly Period!

Thank you for throwing the first baby shower for my little sailor. Your messages will be forever kept. And if you're excited to see our baby, I'm sure he wants to see all of you, too! I will be forever grateful to have you as my truest friends. Iba talaga pag high school.


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