Thursday, August 29, 2013

Palawan 2013

O haiiiiiii, Superlovers! I am back! :)

It's been more than a month since I updated my blog. I owe my readers an explanation--Sword and I stayed at my in-laws' place for two weeks for some medical(?) issues. Roddick and Reesha's yaya got chickenpox and Rafael's got HFMD which are both contagious. I brought my laptop with me but we just watched movies non-stop and Globe signal there fails big time. And then a week after we went back home to my parents' place Paolo and I impulsively decided to go to Palawan to visit my grandmom and all our other relatives there. It was also his first time to hit the place, I happily escorted him. Now that I'm back (and trying to finish this entry before Sword wakes up--again!), let me share you our sweet journey: our first ever out of town trip as husband and wife aka our honeymoon. Hahaha I kid, I kid.

As you all know, our Boracay trip last October 2012 was canceled due to my pregnancy... so imagine my excitement to ride the airplane again (zoom, zoom.. broom, broom) and to relax a bit and of course, to spend a quality time with my husband who's very, very busy because of work. Everything's changed since I gave birth to Sword and just like everyone says, being a wife and being a mother are both different roles to fill. I keep on thanking my parents for taking care of our baby while we were out but trust me, half of my heart was left here in Manila. WeChat video call and FaceTime helped but still, I longed to kiss and cuddle our little sailor.

Moving on (intro pa lang napakadaldal ko na)...

It was my first time to go to El Nido despite my numerous trips to Puerto Princesa (PPS) in the past. I never had the chance to travel 5 hours to see the beauty of the island. I missed the beach so much so I insisted to include this little getaway in our short trip. I felt guilty, however, because we left Manila when Maring was devastating the rest of Luzon. It was sunny in Palawan but Mother Nature played its trick on us. Right on time when we were about to start our Tour A, the rain started pouring big time we had to cancel it. So to those who were wondering why I never posted a #selfie wearing two-piece bikini, I am sorry. The beach waves were crazy we didn't bother to go near the shoreline anymore.

But I am so happy to reunite with the sand and the sea sans the sun once again.

Cloudy, eh? Behind me are Seven Commando and Helicopter (mukhang Chickenjoy sa left side) islands.

I missed traveling with him. <3

The rich flora (and fauna) which is Palawan.

On our second day, the clouds became cloudier, heavier. It rained cats and dogs the night before that the sea turned brown. The water from the mountains joined the sea + southwest monsoon + high tide = STILL A BEAUTY.

Mr. Sun finally shone when we were about to leave the island. What is timing dibaaaa


Back to PPS, we headed straight to my lola's house, fetched our cousins and had late dinner at Bona's Chao Long. We also had a few drinks at Kataboom, a resto-bar similar to Boracay's Bom Bom and Pat's Creek Bar--reggae!

It was my first time for a long time to drink beer again. I only limited myself to two bottles, and a glass of mojitos. :D

Cousins! :)

Finally, on our fourth day, we toured Paolo around the city. We went to Crocodile Farm and Mitra's Ranch. Our flight back to Manila was delayed, from 12:55 PM to 6:50 PM due to the non-stop rain in Manila, thus more time was spent with my cousins. Unplanned, we had the entire afternoon chilling at Pristine beach, which is just a few-minute walk from my cousin's house and 10 minutes away from the airport. 

And ladies and gentlemen, a stretch of white sand beach in a city, with an entrance fee of only P20 (P5 when we went here last 2001). Still not bad! 


And if you're still wondering why I was not in bikinis, we went here two hours before our boarding time. We didn't swim, we just chilled. Hehe and nako naman, I just gave birth. I still weigh 120 lbs! :( Also to quote my friend Cham, "Pag nagiging nanay tumataas ang panty!" Oh well, yeah, that's my undies showing. Lumuwag po kasi shorts ko. <3 <3 <3

I'm grateful for that 4 days spent with my relatives and my husband. Bringing Sword with us would be perfect but now isn't the right time. Eventually we'll travel with our little sailor! See you again, Palawan, especially you, El Nidowwww!


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