Friday, July 19, 2013

New-Found Friends

My stretch marks found new friends, thanks to my recent lunch date at Rockwell with my TV5 friends. I've been using these products for only a couple of days but I swear I feel like my skin's going lighter. I'm really stressed about the appearance and "darkness" of my stretch marks due to pregnancy. I won't deny it, coz when you look at them, they simply look disgusting. I know, I know, my tummy served as Sword's home for nine months so having these marks was predictable. But I hope you know what I mean. 

Now let's proceed, shall we?

1. Celeteque Dermoscience Anti-Stretch Mark Cream

I mentioned this already in my previous post about stretchies. Thanks to ate Aimee Diego who posted this on her Instagram account, I learned that Celeteque now offers maternity products. And yep, I enjoy using this because it has the most good-smelling anti-stretch marks cream I ever used. Better than Mustela. Php 469.00 at PCX.

2. Rosken Bio Serum Intensive Skincare Oil

Safe for face and body use, this oil is also used not only for stretch marks but also for scars, dry and ageing skin and uneven pigmentation. I highly recommend this if you are scent sensitive (like me, I have allergic rhinitis) and hate the strong odor of shea and cocoa butter. Its mild scent is so relaxing I want to pour the entire bottle all over my body. I also like the supple and light feeling it leaves. Php 895 at PCX.

3. Eskinol Naturals Facial Cleanser in Lemon

This you won't believe me, but my manghihilot recommended me this. She's one of the few who saw how terrible-looking my tummy is and she said that when I use this to cleanse the area, it will help lighten the skin and the marks. Not yet sure if it does really work, but the cotton "cleans" my tummy as if I exposed it in a polluted city. I use it before applying the Bio Serum at night. Php 31.00 at Watsons.

That's all! I'm still continuing my quest in finding the best anti-stretch mark cream in the market. If you know something effective, let me know. As long as I can afford it, I will buy and use it. :D

Happy Friday night!



  1. hi! try bio oil! it's great! :D

  2. Try also aloe vera gel and calamansi..very effective:)

  3. I LOVE bio oil! I feel like I only got 1 or 2 stretch marks during my pregnancy....and I truly think it is because of this stuff....I even had stretch marks previous to my pregnancy, so I thought I would look like a zebra when I had my baby, but I didn't. NOW the issue I am having is dealing with all this sagging and loose skin LOL I have been looking into various different skin tightening procedures and treatments and think the soak is the way to go, but would love your opinion on the matter. Thanks in advance!