Friday, July 19, 2013

Post Partum

It's been two months since I gave birth and I'm happy I'm already allowed to go out and see the world. You know what the old folks say? But even if I can go out and do stuff, I can't leave anytime because it's just me and my mom who's taking care of Sword. And I can only go out for a few hours because when I'm out, my heart just wants to rush back home and be with my son! 

Anyway, since I don't go out often, I make the most out of my whereabouts. Every second counts! :) This month I was able to catch up with Kim and  Cham and my teammates from TV5, thanks to my "turnover"missions and HR calls. I also got the chance to shop little things for myself because believe it or not, I think I'm suffering from post-partum depression at times which is pretty normal, I guess. Retail therapy saves me!

Mary Grace with KiMoNei :)

With team Non-Trad. Coffee and lunch dates. <3

Fun times with the kids and cousins. 

Also, glad to find out about the Wu-Tang muscle shirts Forever 21 has! Paolo is a diehard Wu-Tang fan, his music is becoming mine! So if you want beef then bring the ruckus, I'm loving this shirt:

Wu-Tang Clan!

Alright then, til my next post. Sword's about to wake up. Have a great weekend! :)


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