Monday, April 11, 2011


Last week's JPF: jam-packed-full. I went to a lot of meet-ups after work so I missed MC eps because of:

Monday - Doughnut night with Toto and Jhec
Tuesday - Sucker Punch night with Paolo
Wednesday - Dinner date at Malabon (monthsary, ha!)
Thursday - Meet-up with the girls + Toto at BigOli
Friday - Bubble Tea date with Liz, Trish, Ana and Nige and Jhett


TV5 is facing a major major issue now but well, what can I say, I'm still proud to be a Kapatid!

Showing off my Wednesday attire--nautical top, navy blue harem pants, rope-like belt, fuchsia pink handbag and gray wedges. I liked the getup, it made me look taller and thinner!

Pao and I celebrated our 86th month (YES NAMAN, KUNWARI TEENAGER!) last Wednesday. I went to his Mom's office to wait for him. Undecided on where to eat, I asked him to take pictures of me first until we crave for something good to eat. Ergo...

All of a sudden I craved for something we haven't eaten "together" yet. So I thought of bringing him to my favorite local Nanay's Original Pancit Malabon in, wherelse, Malabon City! So when I told Paolo about the idea, he asked if I know the directions going there. I confidently said yes although I am not really sure how to get there alone. So we traveled, traveled, traveled until we lost our way. When we finally found it, Nanay's already closed so we just ate at a nearby cheap bucks steakhouse--Steakside. We passed by Steakside several times and realized that it's just 10 steps away from Nanay's. Pao even said, "Kapag hindi natin nakita yung Nanay's, sa Steakside na lang tayo." Ayun, Steakside nga. Hahaha!

While waiting for our tenderloin and t-bone steaks.

So we ended up eating steaks instead of pancit. No biggie, as long as we're together. Perks of couple-lish-ness-sim