Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beauty Breakout 2011

My friend Kim is one of Anne Curtis's biggest fans. She adores her like yeah. So when I visited Paolo's Mom in her ad agency office a couple of weeks ago and saw Palmolive Naturals Soft Moisture promo materials, I asked them if Anne Curtis will grace the event. All of them said yes, I couldn't believe it. But when it's Pao's Mom that said it's true, I giddily informed Kim that she could possibly meet Anne in person.

Two nights before, I found this sample booth setup at the CIMC office. For real na talaga!

Robinson's Supermarket had its "Beauty Breakout" event last weekend featuring different products from Procter and Gamble, Penshoppe and Colgate-Palmolive. 

Pictures from Pose and Print

One of the event organizers asked us if we're willing to sing on stage to the tune of Palmolive Natural's TVC jingle. This would grant us a backstage access so we said yes. This for the love of Anne Curtis!

 Backstage. Wearing Royal Kouture snakeskin crop top, CLN snakeskin flat sandals, Dollhouse denim pants and Longchamp Bamboo tote. (My first time to use that Longchamp.) 

 Backstage with Anne Curtis Smith! Her beauty is priceless! ♥

 Kimmie + Susie + Anne

The crowd, bigtime! How... can... we... sing... in... front... of... them...?

Anne: Wow, beautiful girls with red lipsticks!

We started singing. Good thing Susie's got a good voice! :D

Experience! Haha. It's a 3-minute fame. We loved it! People are watching you, people are taking pictures of you. Afterwards, Anne went to the booth.

Don't you just love her? She's so down to earth and she greets everyone. She deserves all the blessings she's receiving now! Truly the Twitter and billboard queen! :)

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